Some lessons over the weekend:

Disclaimer: Please skip this post if you are not philosophy-inclined. Not a very pleasant post ahead.

1. Live like there is no tomorrow. Have heard/read this every time but if you ask me if I’ve consciously lived like that, the answer is no. I see that I’m taking life for granted.

2. Acknowledge and appreciate everything/everyone positive and nice. There is no time to worry and fret!

3. Uncertainty is the only constant. The plan to finish that book by the end of the week, or leave in time to catch that bus in the evening to reach home in time, is absurd. Yes, all that is done in good faith.. but absurd nevertheless.

4. Never to be abject, but to view, evaluate everything with openness

5. The right question to ask is “Why not?” and not “Why?”.

6. Declare more vehemently on how baseless some pre-historic beliefs are. At the same time, appreciate the other people’s right to their belief, however ridiculous it may seem. Am not trying to be politically right here. If someone dear/near/close/distant acquaintance comes and tells me that his/her ‘god-man’ is above everything, or will marry only by matching horoscopes, I’ve chosen to say, YES, so be it! Am happy for you!

7. Life really does go on… (the story of the undying human spirit in The Grapes of Wrath, comes to my mind)

8. And lastly, ailment is the only impartial thing in the world that afflicts rich, poor, old, young, sane, insane, short, tall, fair, dark, everyone alike’.

Dedicating this post to a wonderful person whom I have known, but is no more today, somehow feels meaningless because I never cared to tell her that she was wonderful when she was alive a few days back. Because I did not know that her days were numbered and was not particularly ‘close’ as in the context we use today. Still, it hurts in some inexplicable way! Arthi, a friend and relative, was a wonderful person aged just 30.

And sorry if I’m sounding hopeless. Did not mean it to be. Just that life is too powerful!


10 thoughts on “Some lessons over the weekend:

  1. Sorry to hear that & vidu I can relate to it completely! Even now, the least you could do is to reach out to her family. I did just that for the friend,36 yrs, who passed away just a couple of months ago…Speaking to his wife and letting her know I am there whenever she needs me, made a lot of difference!

    All the points listed by you make complete sense – thats what they call as ‘Live your life and let others live too’. Hard to practice but its very much doable.

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