Two and two can make five!

Just a few hours after I’d just finished clearing off some clutter on a small side stand by the bed, I saw a heap of books and papers again. Vyas’s doing of course!

Me: Vyas, make sure you clear the clutter before going to bed.

Vyas: Are you sure?

Me: What do mean ‘are you sure’?

Vyas: You are calling knowledge clutter? You want me to clear away knowledge? tch. tch.. not fair!

He bolted out of the room trying to escape a sound whack on his bum!

More ‘Hindi-encounters‘ (Few here, here,)

1. When studying the Greek and Latin of Hindi, the man quips thus:

“Idhukku, KBC-le Amitabh Bachan-e paravalle” (implying Amitabh’s Hindi in KBC is better than the text in his book!)

2. A sentence ‘Ghar se bahar nahi nikalna’ was met with a, “Ma, but Nickel is a metal. Used in Gold” and proceeded to translate the sentence with the derived meaning!


A not-so-funny-yet-silly joke doing the rounds in his class

There was this game where he’d point to a body part that I must name (in Tamizh) and append ‘eli’ to it.

So, it went thus,

1. kanneli
2. mookeli
3. vaayeli
4. kazhutheli
5. kaadheli

And he howled that silly laugh when I said the last word. When asked what was funny about that, he imparted this knowledge:

Vyas: “Ma, kaadheli means love”.

Me: Again da? So what is wrong or funny here? Btw, its kaadhali, not kaadheli (as if it mattered!!)

Vyas: Maa, this is the Tamizh-one. Not good ‘love’.

Me: Yei, there is no ‘good-love’ or ‘bad-love’ da. Its a nice word to express your liking for someone/something.

Vyas: You don’t understand ma. Leave it!

Ummmm… he was probably saying ‘shutup!’ Ya, for now I’ll pretend not to understand.


11 thoughts on “Two and two can make five!

    • Titaxy & Swar: I will await my turn to read similar posts from you guys;) The day will come:)

      Chocolate: Pora pokka paatha, Ma bete ki ladaai- nnu oru series release pannalam!

      Charu: Becoming a proper ‘city-product’ I think!

      Priya: What reaches our ears must be less than a percent, or a mere sample..:)

  1. LOL Vidya !!! 🙂

    How old is Vyas ???? Certainly smart and very creative !!! 🙂 🙂

    Kadheli – Yeah, I know this one…used to make fun of every one at school… 😆

    Knowledge is clutter – WOW, I am impressed at his answer. 🙂

    Total LOL blast at hindi and translations…whether u and Vyas have fun or not, we are having fun here reading all abt them. 🙂

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