Do you grit your teeth?

No, not the gritting of teeth when asleep which is often associated to worms in the tummy (which methinks is an urban legend)! I mean literally doing it when you are fully awake to your surroundings? I do. You’d find me ruffled, with goosebumps and gritting my teeth at these. And have wished for selective deafness and partial blindness at such times. I mean, seriously!

When I hear someone scratch the walls with the nails. Yes some people do just to get on my nerves!

A chalk-piece making a squeaking noise against the black-board!

When scraping a sour mango, the hardened shell of the seed making contact with the scraper!

Folding polythene covers making that jarring noise

A ladle tossed continuously in an empty pan: Varun is found doing this for the best part of the day!

Dragging the hawai-chappal-clad feet when walking on the roads- announcing the arrival from a kilometer away!

The sound of brushing clothes on a quiet Sunday afternoon

The whir of a washing machine on a spin.

The roar of lorries/buses when waiting at the signal

The house-help mopping the floor with the stick instead of the tuft of cloth/sponge on the stick – the kaarrrr kaaarrr sound!

The squeaky sound from an old ceiling fan.

Plastic Neel-Kamal chairs being dragged across like a pushcart across the room (kids again!)

The jarring dialogue delivery of the tamizh soaps, specially the opparees!

The croaking of frogs and kich-kich of lizards (jeez!).

Navjoth Singh Siddhu’s commentary— sshaaabbbaaa!

The very sight of Gaabtan Vijaykanth, Parthiban’s ellam-therinja-ekaambaram attitude. What? You don’t know these peeepal? Tch tch.. You are missing something! Go figure!


The hindi-learning sessions with my 8 yr old son Vyas!

Selective hearing

Okay nice people, out with your lists:) Or am going to tag you all!


26 thoughts on “Do you grit your teeth?

  1. points 1,2,3 and 5 – me too… very very irritating! And also the raw mango…
    quite a list… if you include sound of lorries, mopping, scrubbing etc u would only have time to grit ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. hahaa !! Good list Vidya !! Count me in ! I ve been unknowingly gritting my teeth while I was reading ๐Ÿ˜€
    And liked the cartoon ROFL ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ same scenario here !! Anyway I am off to the teaching session now . And being it a holiday there will be a lot of teeth gritting on either sides !! phew !!!

  3. Hallo lolla… ceiling fan is music.. keeikke keikkeekke… andha rythm’ae sugam… of course depends on the amplitude and frequency and wavelength et al.
    Washing machine spin enna pannithu ungala? maybe coz you had one one on death row it had been irritating you.
    BTW, Caaabtan , TRR are not irritants, they are comedians.. watch them as comedians and you will actually enjoy i think you need to alter your perspective on honorable capitan? what say?
    you missed out milk cookers in the neighborhood . Everyone has them singing aloud on a quiet morning at 4.30 or 5.30.
    People shouting into a cell phone. Inside a lift… people producing their vaporware inside the lift.
    When waiting to cross a road, the vehicle behind me trying to pass me by the left to cross ahead of me(in a single lane road.. well that was complicated).
    Finish picking up all strewn toys and packing them in and going to wash and to return and find all of them strewn around again.
    Finding my favourite DVDs and CDs in the gap between the TV and the floor when you are cleaning
    Come and sit in front of the TV after a long day to catch the news and flick it on only to hear a loud voice behind you scream.. appa POGO podu..
    When someone makes a promise to deliver something on a said time (a time of their choice) and vaida vaangufies… (outside of IT field… where am used to it by now)
    Ladies watching soaps.
    Ladies explaining they’ve got no other entertainment and thats why they watch soaps
    Soaps being equated to entertainment
    A neighbor starting to celebrate diwali after 11pm when rest of the town has quietened down… a bit.
    Stickers on the back of cars showing a dog peering from under the hood.. or a football sticker as thought it had cracked the windshield
    List of the entire Family members and their uncles names on the back of a car.
    Step out of the house to find fresh and warm dog poop bang in front of the gate.
    well thats a long list.. well i have one request.. please dont get me started on this again.. i’m already getting depressed.. (who wont with such a long list ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Phew! LR, this qualifies as a separate post and whattay list!! We’ll exchange fans okay? Aah, the CDs and soaps! Its long since I heard a milk cooker. Have people begun to microwave? And well, when you say ‘don’t’ i hear a trigger go off in my brain saying ‘DO’;) You are warned:))

      • Milk Cookers : Come to Adyar or Tiruvanmiyur on a (what you’d think as a ) quiet morning for a walk and I’ll show you.
        Exchange Fans?: whoa..who are you kidding.. mataji is a rock star and who am I? I’d probably qualify as a groupie at best.
        Microwave for boiling milk? Seriously? Is that any better?.. imagine microwave going mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm for 10 mins on a quiet morning..
        Then there are these people (esp in college) who wear hawaii chappals that have worn so much that it has holes in them and they sag so much that it goes phat.. phat phat.. slapping against their feet as they walk… ew… grrr…..
        Guys in office who wear the tightest T-Shirt on a friday to show off their… macho bodies to actually not interested girls at work!

        Oh no.. please really don’t get me started again..

  4. haa haa!! lol on the cartoon . vaa va.. Sabhash enna list !chalk piece and rustling plastic covers tops the list for me..also people who shout loudly into phones in a theater make my blood boil… I cant stand the opparees too ..

  5. Top irritant – people making chomping and slurping noises when eating and drinking beverages. Ewwwwwww. I’ve actually finished my meal quickly and left the place to save myself from that.
    Latest: Anu Hassan on Coffee with Anu. “Neenga chinna vayasula school cut adipeengalame”, “neenga maanga thirudi saapiduveengalame”. In addition to asking such pathetic questions, she just doesnt let the person talk and keeps on interrupting. Cant stand her.
    *deep breath*

    • Anu’s sis Suhasini is equally painful! At least on two occasions I have laughed aloud at the slurping noises made by ppl in public places- specially when they are using a straw!!

  6. impressive collated list there i shd say! the toppers for me are :
    – Copyrighted Print Lover – i picked the lines because it conveys my mind ๐Ÿ™‚ ‘people making chomping and slurping noises when eating and drinking beverages’ yeeeks… i hate it and friends who purposely irritate me on this!
    – People spitting on the roads – autowallas, people in a bus/any vehicle and spitting outside – makes me wonder r they blind?!?
    – irrational, stupid music blarring out of the speakers!

    what a topic for a friday ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. * Pissing in public.
    * Spitting on roads
    * Autowallahs demanding outrageous fare. It happens to me all the time :(.
    * Unruly traffic and driving
    * Incessant honking by a vehicle behind me, when stuck in a traffic jam. Makes me want to shout back “Mudinja parandu po”
    * Soaps
    * nails scratching on any hard surface

    The last 2 are atleast pardonable

  8. Even as I read the list I grit my teeth at most of those (and some in LR’s list) I guess I too will when my older one starts speaking in Hindi!!

    • LR: I’ll try, but can’t promise on not getting you started again:)

      Jo: Same pinch on every item on your list!

      Hema: Good luck to you for Hindi lessons:)

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