Vyas trying to recollect something he’d spoken to me the previous evening:

Vyas: Amma, we were laughing over something last evening. What was it?

Me: I don’t remember either.

Vyas: Am sure someone has cast the OBLIVIATE spell on us.

Me: Silly!

Vyas: I’m going to put a ‘Stupefly’ charm on the person.

Me: On who? Btw, its ‘Stupefy’. Means – to stun.

Vyas: No. Its Stupefly. Because the death-eaters and others on whom it is cast fly backwards!

Me: No da. Its because the dementors or whoever, are stunned by this spell.

Vyas: Still, they could have called it Stupefly- to be stunned and thrown backwards!

Me: Sigh!!!

Effect of having watched Deathly Hallows.

More Hindi

Question: Tumhare guruji ka naam kya hai?

Answer: Tumhare guruji ka naam xyzeee hai.

Me: You must say, “Mere guruji ka….”

Vyas: Ok. But imagine this conversation is between my classmate X and me. So, his guruji’s name is xyzee too. Which means I can say, ‘your guruj’s name is…’.

Me: For the purpose of learning it right, let us assume that this is not a conversation with any of your classmates!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

18 thoughts on “Spell-bound”

  1. ha! ha! another potter maniac. i watched the deathly hallows with five kids between 11 and 16. and only my son and i had read the books. i spent most of the time trying to gag my son and explaining parts of the plot to the others. i was really a braveheart šŸ™‚

  2. LOL when I read the hindi part I was reminded about “ek guan mein ek kisan rahathatha (raghu thatha)”… It is from one of Bhagyaraj’s famous movie.. couldn’t recollect the movie name šŸ™‚

  3. We need the book on Vyas’s Hindi conversations with you – NOW !!!!

    But ultimate in logical thinking – am waiting for the day Vyas uses the “Parallel Universe” rules on you

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