What not to say..

What do you do when your child refuses to hold the tongue back and blurts: “Bahhh, again the same crayons” or “Not the same boxes again!”?

I have been in this situation several times and have felt embarrassed and have had to deal with it offline, but kids insist on remaining kids:) While most folks don’t mind, some don’t take it all that well! Have you been in this awkward situation? If yes, how do you deal with it?



8 thoughts on “What not to say..

  1. There is no diplomatic way with kids but reason it out and they will understand. It doesnt work always but usually it does.

    For example, when Adi says he wants something very badly and it becomes a stubborn issue and goes on about the same thing, I tell him frankly, “I bought u the same set last week/two weeks ago and it seems u didnt keep it carefully or u could have tried to make it last because I dont have money to buy crayons week after week and you are wasting that money. Is that right to do when you know we work hard to keep us happy and comfortable?”

    Heart to heart is the best way. Usually, it works. Not always.

  2. lol..not really been in such situations before,but i guess the best part of interactions with children is that guilessless,innocent way they see things..so,i’ll probably let them be and take it offline later.

  3. Been at the receiving end when a kid gave me the book I got her as a present, saying she already has it :q. I explained what are gift receipts and said she can exchange this in the store for a new book. Phew! 🙂

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