Last work-week this year is like this- Artistic!

What you think about these art works by my colleagues?

By colleague K: Guess the objects in these pics. Besides the coolers of course!

By colleague A: He did this for a modern Christmas theme contest in his Church. It measures around 8 ft. in length- nose to tail!!! Loved it! What say you people? See, am surrounded by creative people:)

Its a sin if you don’t contribute anything to your cubicle’s creativity or at least make an attempt. So signing off with this humble drawing by yours truly around the laptop-lock-hole on my desk to avoid yawing post a heavy lunch- meant to be a ‘kaala-tika/dhristi pottu’ for above arts:

Wish you all a happy, rocking year ahead!!


15 thoughts on “Last work-week this year is like this- Artistic!

  1. Oh come on 🙂 U r creative too 🙂 Lemme try that next time when am feeling sleepy 😉 😉

    I luvvv the Christmas in the air thing 🙂 🙂

    Can’t be as obvious as a helmet. SO I think its a dustbin with its cover used that way 😉 😉

  2. Okay people. Good try, but a couple of you got half right:) Ennum edhirpakkaren:) Others… I know its new yr eve and you are all busy. Will wait to see if you guys come back and take a guess:)

  3. hmmm…has any one told yu that she/he wishes they could write like you…I just did…

    just read through this full page of posts….and loved everyone of them…

    the plane is awesome…

    happy new year

    ps: so is the flower:)

    • Yaay! That’s the first and best compliment this year:) Thank you so much Sowmya. It means so much coming from you. The feeling is mutual:) Had this feeling that colleague A was going to be cross because the plane has not got much ‘attention’:) Am sure this will make his day:) Happy new year to you and your family.

  4. The objects in the first 3 pics are helmet, a white balloon with a black-marker drawing. Artihc got it right:) Thanks others, for trying!! Serious work in progress the 1st week of this new year and so no craft pics yet:)

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