More Varunspeaks and a milestone

A look of serious concentration for 2 seconds followed by a triumphant smile on Varun’s face. From a distance, its a little difficult to see, hear or assess what transpired in those few seconds. I ask him, “enna veshamam panne”? (what mischief are you upto?). He showcases his broad cute grin and says, “amma, vannun gaecchhu vittutaan!”, explaining his rear-wind action – with or without noise! The dirty fella:) Am happy with the new milestone reached. No, am not talking about his farting skills! The colic-pain cries are now a thing of the past. My little boy has grown enough to explain himself a little:)

The moment he hears my voice on the phone, or the minute I step into the house on returning from work, he puts his arms around my neck and says – “amma, pashikaradhu amma” (amma , am hungry. And he would have just finished his meal). What will I not give to hear him repeat it time and again?!

On seeing me in changed clothes when starting for work in the morning, he comes running to me asking, “amma, dhupattha pottukalae?” (amma, you haven’t worn your dhupatta?), “chappale pottukale?” (what about your chappals?), “phone-a ethukalae?” (and your mobile phone?).

An angry glare from me is met with either a tight hug followed by “enn chellam” (my pet, he tells me!) or its the other extreme- “nee baana po” (don’t need you, go!).

Every wall in the home is adorned by his colorful scribbles- he says those are ‘dhadhathais‘- butterflies! Changes his mind the next minute and declares those sketches are tinkel-stars (twinkling stars). Suit yourself kutta, but scribble please. I love that look on your dad’s face- trying to keep you from scribbling, at which you decide to draw all over yourselves, the limbs, tummy, face, neck, palms- everywhere:) And he has to settle for the lesser evil of letting you decorate the walls!

The anna does his best to spoil the not-so-baby brother by dancing to his every tune! The little one says – “anna chuthi chuthi ” and the anna has to go round and round. Anna has to play his fav. rhymes or Thomas Tank Engine every time he asks, forgoing his own TV-time. He has to eat from anna’s plate, drink from his bottle or cup, wear his tees which fit him like a long night-gown, sleep on his pillow, scribble in his notebooks and will insist on me reading him the book which anna has! Vyas has to settle for reading Varun’s copy of Snoring Shanmugam, or the Silly Story of Bondapalli, while the mommy reads Vyas’s abridged version of ‘The Time Machine’ to little Varun, abridging it further to a mere ‘clock, machine, time, travel, A, B, C, D, S, 1, 2, 3, flower, motor, well, flying, scientist uncle, uncle’s friends, Eloi, Weena, and Morlock!

Someone say STOP please. I have quite forgotten how to apply brakes when I get started. My kids’ fault that!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

7 thoughts on “More Varunspeaks and a milestone”

  1. Ur adorable kids’ fault indeed πŸ™‚
    Vyas is such a sweet big bro.
    LOL @ settling down for the lesser evil πŸ˜‰

    dhadhathais sounds sooo cute πŸ™‚

    1. @Jo: Hilarious, but the fella says it too often! Yuck boy!

      @ Swaru: Some blessings

      @ aninest: Yeah, I guess he’ll start speaking full sentences before i know!

      @ chocolate: Vokeys! Will record them here till u tire and say stop!

      @ bedazzled: thaaankooo says Varun:)

      @ TPL: Get ready. And make sure you give the little one some nice colors to experiment on the walls:)

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