Knowledge upgrade pack from anna

The ‘big brother’ has imparted considerable knowledge to the younger sibling the past X-mas vacation. A sample of the addition to the little one’s vocabulary:

1. yelai, enna lei (a dialect of Tamizh loosely translating to – hey, what is it)

2. Sonnommule (see, i told you!)

3. annathe, enna annathe (what is this brother?!)

4. vaenaa, pichipuduve, pichhi! (I’ll rip you apart)

5. enthira. enthira, enthira enthira, enthiraaaaaaaaa,, followed by arima arima (no prizes for guessing this one)

6. ayyyo! potanda! (response to the center fresh ad on TV where the dad slaps the son)

7. aathaadi! (an expression expressing surprise! and even a mundane thing like a fan running when switched on, seems to surprise the two!!)

8. Aiyae, gummnnu iru (shut up)

Am unable to recollect few others like these. I have no idea from where he picked up these gems! I like only the ‘aathadi’ sound from this list! The rest? Well…..

Author: Vidya

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16 thoughts on “Knowledge upgrade pack from anna”

  1. Where’s big brother catching these terms ? From TV/Movies ? Don’t think that the kids in V’s school speak in such fashion

    But am sure it must be rather funny to see little V using these terms !!

    At least he hasn’t graduated to “Nenjula Irukkara Manja Sotha Keesiduven” (yet)

    1. Older siblings of his friends in school, few movie clippings etc.. infact most kids in chennai parrot the ”ayye, enna look vudure…… metal mandaya” lines from Enthiran as if it were a Kabir’s doha holding profound philosophy! Hope they don’t graduate to higher levels:)

  2. “alla dialogue-um namakku pidichirukku”…. hope V doesn’t enlighten his lil bro with powerful words like “kayitha, kasmalam…”

    I dont know why but it makes me irritated when ppl say “his-schoolu” (read that way) for “school” and his-scalu for “scale”…

    the other commonly heard around is “aiyae vettanda sollitu vandhutiya?”…

    1. Older V knows the Kaytha… dialogue from Enthiran! Not making progress with teaching b’cos the schools have fortunately reopened:) Hope he unlearns them soon. Agree on the ‘veetaande’ bit!

  3. OMG !!! Total LOL….kids picking up these dialects and using them sounds so funny….but really I am totally stunned by this. πŸ˜€

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