A mini library

Remember the post on what Vyas wanted to do with the money saved in his kiddie-bank?

We both had a grander idea for the library but that can wait. Meanwhile, wanted to gift him a book-shelf and Christmas/new year was a good excuse to buy one. Scanned a few shops and settled for a simple one made of compressed wood and both the little Vs love it! Varun has been meddling with the keys and seems to be putting it everywhere other than the key-hole! Vyas seems to have more need to reference books, put some in, take some out through-out the day!

At the risk of sounding vain, sharing some pictures here.

The Roald Dalhs
The Roald Dalhs
The Enid Blytons
The Enid Blytons
Master in action
Master in action

This book was a gift from his friend Varsha from our apartments:

A gift from Varsha
A gift from Varsha

And it carried this message inside. Don’t you think it was very thoughtful and sweet of her?

A note inside
A note inside

The timing of the book fair at Chennai could not have been better. The little man earned few more books as gifts from the fair from his dad and grandpa, and he got to choose them himself! I’m planning to make it to the book fair the coming weekend. Without any attachments that is;)

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26 thoughts on “A mini library”

  1. Good to see that books are in-tact! How do you save it from Junior? its a rarity in our home to have a book with out a missing page or a crayon scribble in it. Sometimes the covers are themselves swapped! We end up reading mahabarata when you pickup a copy of Jataka Tales.
    BTW check out Flipkart.com, they sell books much cheaper than anywhere else! Prompt service too. Am a regular buyer.

    1. Even am surprised that most of his books don’t have dog ears:) The younger one has his set to scribble, so that’s some respite for anna. Yes, Flipkart is cheaper. But seeing so many books under one roof is something:)

  2. Cool bookshelf & I just hope he wld want to enhance this library as he grows up… books are our best friends πŸ™‚ Nxt when I meet am sure gonna add to that collection – he can make his choice again:)

    1. Welcome here! Thank you. Yeah, even am surprised at the condition of books, some of which are over 2 yrs old and he’z read atleast thrice!!

  3. That’s one pretty book shelf – makes u open and close many a times – in the pretext of keeping or taking a book…I can understand Vyas’s feelings… πŸ™‚

    Wish Vyas a Wonderful Year to read through many books and also to acquire many titles for your own. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    So, book fair was good ???

    1. Thank you Uma! He is having a tough time keeping his brother off the shelf though:) Am planning to visit the fair this Friday or Saturday.. What about you?

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