One of those days when I wished I could fly too….

A corner near the reception desk in my office looks like this a day before a long weekend. Most birds (free birds) are scooting home for the Pongal holidays and I so wish to pack my bags and fly. And this is just one corner in a block. There are few others with more number of back-packs!! Disadvantage of having all your folks in the same city:(


Happy Shankaranthi/Pongal People!

Signing off with a pic of Pongal nearing the ‘ponging’ stage last season:)


Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

10 thoughts on “One of those days when I wished I could fly too….”

  1. Happy Pongal. Hey, getting train(tatkal and non tatkal)/plane tickets booked during festival times… I was there once, I am glad now I dont worry about it. All my folks are here. Trust me, we are generously endowed to not have to go througvh the perils of ticket booking during festival times. :):)

  2. You have everyone close by – way better than navigating crowded, strained transport mechanisms to go home only to have to come back very soon …..

    Ponga Paanai looks lovely – as does the Pongal 🙂

  3. Pongal-o pongal to you and your family… Sigh is the apt caption for the pic.. just a look at the pic will trigger even a non-traveler to plan their travel… I miss that pongal trip to my native.. that is the only time of the year we get together at my grandpa’s place and have loads of fun on those 4 days… I seriously pity Adi… all she knows is only the cooker pongal 😦

    1. @Titaxy: Thanks Titaxy. Hope you had a great Pongal too!

      @ Chocolate: Ummm… some blessings… the panai looked good this time too except that MIL kept it tilted at a strategic angle for it to ‘pongify’. Happened with some effort;)

      @ ani: Just saw your pongal post… nostalgic trip indeed:) Was unable to leave a comment as the page did not load. Will come back to read the next part..

      @ comfortablynam: Thank you so much! Hope you had a super Shankaranthi as well!

      @ Bedazzled: Same pinch… Btw, did you make it to the book fair.. Did not bump into you:) Shud have planned to meet I think!

      @ Swaram: It was great Swar, Thank you! What about you?!

  4. look at the brighter side… you’ve family with you to celebrate all festivals. here, we can only indulge in nostalgia… can’t even do the ponga-paanai thingie… in the fear of activating fire alarms 🙂

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