An embossed painting I did around 3-4 years back:

(Linking up this painting to Shruti’s Artsy-Craftsy – June 2011)

Embossed Painting

And here is a picture of a few vegetable carvings we did 4 years back(Vyas and I) for a project in Vyas’s school. The veggies were tired posing for two full days, hence the drugged feel in the picture.

Bitter Gourd Crocodile, Beetroot Jewel box, and Bringal Penguin. Everything being a ‘B’ vegetable was just a coincidence.

Those were the non-blogging days and clicking a snap as soon as something got done was never a priority;) The mobile used to click the pic was a prehistoric one and the resolution wasn’t all that great. So, adjust maadi!

Pingu, Jewel box, Croc

Why post all these now? Was doing a system cleanup and found these pics hiding somewhere. So sharing here before I announce their EOL:)

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

11 thoughts on “Crafts”

  1. Expensive hobby..this veggie crafting.. i’ll prefer photography!!! Did i mention that the croc looks yuck… real!!!!! uuaah!!! That was a compliment BTW 🙂

  2. vidu, the embossed painting is simply superb! lovely mix and choice of colors! does it adorn ur wall now? gud to c ur creative side taking shape slowly 🙂 ur poems, art works, and much more… way to go 🙂

  3. @Shruti: Exactly what I thought Shruti! Ne’er remembered having the pic on my laptop! Yep, will like it to the FB page.

    @ Swaram: Thank you. A sleepy pingu.

    @ LR: Thank you! This croc tasted extremely bitter!

    @ Chatterbox: Welcome here! Thank you so much!!

    @ Sri: Nandri! Yes its on the wall. Whether it is adorning it or feels out of place, I dunno;)

    @ Ani: Thankooooo!

    @ Bedazzled: Yeah:) Purple penguin- Found only in this part of the world. Extinct in the antartic and subantartic;)

    @ choco: ellam oru vilambaram dhaan;) the pic is already printed on the felt/velvet-like cloth. so, its just the painting..

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