Pollaaadhu (Mildly notorious)!

A convo between Varun and his dad:

Appa is in the process of emptying a sack of rice into a tub.

Varun: Midhuvwa. Paathu podhuviya. (Slowly. Do it carefully)

And continues: Aaan. Podhu. kothadhae!!! (Umm.. Enough. Don’t pour further)

Appa: Okay sir. Appakku help pannu! (Okay, give me a hand please!)

A conversation with me on phone:

Me: Chellam enna chaatudhu? (What did my little pet have)?

Varun: (says with a sad sound, just after a meal)Onnume chaapalle (I had nothing!).

Me: Yaay, enna mammam chaatae? (C’mon, what mammu did you have?)

Varun: Thachi munnumu chaataen. (Had curd rice.)

Me: Anna enge (Where is anna?)

Varun: kooolukku paetaan. (Anna is in school.)

Me: Ammakku bye sollu (Say good bye to amma)

Varun: byeeee.. haadhe (bye, have a nice day!)

Patti: Paati Varun-ne eppadi koopta? (How does patti call you?)

Varun: Chellaaaa cholluaa!

Patti: Nee veshamam panna eppadi koopiduvaa? (How does she call you when you are a naughty boy)?

Varun: Pollaaadhu koopuvaa! (Calls me polladhu- impossible equivalent)

Patti: Chella iniiki enna veshamam panne? (what mischief was Chella upto today)

Varun: Acchi kotthinaa (scattering a handful of rice across the floor gives him great thrills)

Patti: Apporam enna pannan? (What did he do next?)

Varun: Thathul-le moochaa paetaan (Pissed on the plate. Thatha thinks that it will make the food little saltier. That is all!)

My question: Patti enna pannindu irundha? (What was patti doing then?)

Answer: Rasichindu irundha (Admiring. Yes, she finds the most disgusting antics of her grandchildren quite adorable!! Spilling oil, salt, sugar, rice, soiling white towels, new bed-spreads etc are some such!!! )


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