Disgusting Poems

I once promised to post few from the book Vyas got, and forgot all about it!

Disclaimer(?):The mommy and sonny can be this disgusting. You are warned.

Here are the ones I… well.. liked.

Disgusting Poems

Disgusting Poems

Nickie’s Knickers

Nickie’s knickers are fantastic:
sparkly, silky, scarlet plastic-
perfect for her acts gymnastic
but for the absence of elastic.

Kate Williams

Grandad’s Pants

Grandad’s pants billow on the washing line
Like the enormous sails of an old ship
Ready to voyage to a distant land-
Maybe they’ll sail to the West Undies.

Coral Rumble

Vyas’s favs:

Babies Don’t Care

What’s your baby brother doing?
Why’s he gone all red?
Why’s he screwing up his face
And shaking his bald head?
Why’s he wriggling like that-
All squirmy in his seat?
And why’s he stretching out his legs
From his hips down to his feet?
Oh, he looks OK now
He’s grinning. Seems quite happy.

Happy? He’s ecstatic..
He’s just filled up his nappy.

Jan Dean

(Sonny has reasons to like this!)

Wonder Wax

Earwax is so wonderful,
Smooth and toffee gold,
Roll it in your fingers
Then leave it to grow cold
Collect it from your neighbours,
Press it into tins,
Label it organic
Then feed it to the twins.
Use it on the furniture,
Polish your new sandals,
Start a new designer craze,
Give earwax Christmas candles.

Daphne Kitching

Publisher: http://www.scholasticindia.com

Publishers, authors- Let me know if I’ve violated any copyrights.


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