Written long ago, so long ago that nobody knows how long ago. Maybe when I was 15/16..:)Though there isn’t any congestion in the chest right now, it still isn’t all that outdated (for me). Digging into the archives now and will be posting a few. Yeah, that is supposed to be a warning:)

You’ve stolen into my heart
You pervade me
I bid you goodbye
But you refuse to leave
And stay by
I want to bathe you in tears
But you are never drenched
I wish I could melt you
sometimes I do too!
Only to come back-a solid lump again
Never to be destroyed
Perhaps never again
I tried to laugh you away
But you mock at me!
What else can I do
To put you at bay?
Please leave me! I pray!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

13 thoughts on “Pain”

  1. I read loads of your posts at one shot, and the ones where Varun pees into pots, pans and other stuff just seem to be the cutest of the lot 🙂 Also the fact that you have a lovely style of writing, makes it quite difficult to tear away from your blog 🙂 Keep writing Vidya, you are fantastic 🙂

  2. @ Uma: Vokey!

    @Ani: Pulavar konjam over;)

    @ Titaxy: Thankoo

    @ Pallavi: Thank you so much.. I thought you’d vapourized from blogosphere:)

    @ Bedazzled: Very rarely.. Was frequent during school/college..

    @ Swaram: That’s sweet of ye!

  3. Pain and Pleasure ‘zindagi ke dho pehlu’ hai 🙂 Good one. Hey, I’ve the following poems written by you years back: My Friend, I feel…; The Vision; Mind Unarmed; Fear and Hope; An Ode to Unchanging days; and a writeup ‘Growing nostalgia’. Want me to share over email probably 🙂

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