Its when the girls give..

10 PM. Vyas picks up some thread in a conversation and, well, it ended in some revelations:

Vyas: Hmmm…. Its Valentine’s day today.

Amma/Appa: (Stiffling a giggle): Oh.. What is it da? What’s special about this day?

Vyas: Adhaan (Its that one..).. The girls gift the boys on this day..

Appa: Really? What about the boys? Don’t they reciprocate?

Vyas: (Slightly miffed)Tchh. Boys give gifts every day of the year. But girls give only on this day!!

Appa: (Thinking aloud): ummm.. it all starts this early…….

Note: The boys in his class weren’t all that lucky. The girls and boys are enemies it seems! He just shared some ‘general knowledge’:)


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