Wall Art

We, the Vs, have it in us to give an artistic touch to every available space in our house, making it a HOME. The items most commonly used for adorning the corners, centres, racks, furniture and our selves include clothes, newspapers from any day in a week, stainless steel tumblers and scattered wooden/plastic/hard-board pieces of puzzles, and wheels from cars.

That said, Varun’s contribution needs a special mention. He is bestowed with this ingenious capacity to plant a variety of bombs on the path you tread- squeeze bombs like tomatoes, liquid bombs like water in an inverted piece of a building block, pierce bombs like stacking sticks, sticky bombs like chapati dough or some food reduced to pulp in his mouth!!

The last few months has seen him turn a pro at Wall Art. He is too willing to showcase the latent talent with or without request. And the designs are so so contemporary that the best of designs on Interiors blogs pale in comparison. Even the Warli art is a poor cousin to the intricate design woven by my fella! A trait which his elder brother never possessed!

Leaving you with a few pics from his art galore:

Contemporary Wall Art
Contemporary Wall Art

Happy Weekend Folks!!


10 thoughts on “Wall Art

  1. Varun and Vyas kitta konjam ideas share pannikanum… have they heard about finger painting? or palm printing.. tell them it looks excellent on doors.. Especially mulit-coloured palms. If you’ve got ivory/white painted doors, then they are the best.

  2. Chatterbox: Passed the hugs to the artist:)

    UmaS: πŸ˜€

    ambulisamma: Cheers and same pinch!

    Ani: ippo ellam wah! dhaan:)

    Comfy: πŸ˜€

    LR: finger, palm mattum illa, foot paiting kooda irukku.. was dejennt on blog;)

    bedazzled: ‘Kid-art’ sounds nice.

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