Neon-light-bulb moments

Moment 1:

Appa, who was watching the barely tolerable Barkha Dutt taking viewers through her Libya rounds, intelligently observed that even Libya, with and despite Qaddafi has ultra deluxe roads (of what he saw in the TV coverage). Its a pity that our country still has such poor infrastructure.

Vyas in response: Appa, be happy that you have the freedom to sit at home and watch TV happily.


Moment 2:

Butter naan and paneer butter masala has been Vyas’s fav food for the last 3.5 yrs.

Vyas: Amma, please make butter naan and paneer butter masala (PBM) for dinner! Please, please, please..

He offered to cook PBM. The PBM mix from KNOR is quite a hit with him and so he did not have to endure the grinding, frying bit. He opted to cook in the electric Maestro stove. The chef tossed some cooking butter into the vessel, added the knor mix and let it boil for 10 mins. He chopped paneer and added it along with shelled peas to the boiling mix and let it cook for another 10 mins. Did all the right actions of stirring, ‘nosing’ around for the right aroma, doing aahaa, oohoo et al. Topped it up with processed cheese before serving.

Naan and Paneer
Naan and Paneer
And then:

“Amma, cooking takes great effort. I truly admire (and i wait for him to give me and the patti our due.. )” all the chefs of the world..

Shameless amma that I am, i ask, “So, what about amma and patti?!” “Of course you both are great!” he says, for the sake of it! Sigh!!

The naans turned out great (self-dabba i know..) and this time, the sonny declared that his mamma makes the bestest of butter-naans..

And amma must admit that the PBM was yummy!

Moment 3:

Vyas and the appa had their day out at Chepauk to watch South Africa and England play.

Half way into the match:

Appa: The match is so boring da. Shall we go home?

Vyas: Wait paa. Learn to enjoy…

Appa (stumped!): Are you not feeling bored?

Vyas: The match no doubt is boring. But just imagine this. If we were at home right now, amma would pester me to study for the test tomorrow. And you’d be entrusted with most duties of taking care of Varun. Which is better?

Turns out the parallel world was one of tyranny and their current one at Chepauk stadium promised eternal bliss!

Moment 4:

The duo brought back the score pamphlets and other props (what do you call them?) used in the stadium.

The Vs were watching with much ire, India’s match in the evening, convinced that our team has in it to turn every no-match to a hard contest. Somewhere in between kutti Varun lifted a ‘4’ and ‘6’ poster had cheered with gusto- saying Chicharru (sixer)! We acknowledged his sound knowledge in cricket enthused by which, he again lifed up the sheets and cheered again. This time he said GOAL!!

Good news: My little boy knows more than one sport!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

17 thoughts on “Neon-light-bulb moments”

  1. That was one hilarious post in a long while! Vyas romba theliva irukkan.. good for him. He has the womenfolk’s number!
    Actually I’m stoked that they chose to stay at chepauk watching that suckfest than tolerating you at home!!! LoL!!!! Imagine! Dad chose to agree with him!!! ROFL!!! 😛
    Believe it or not.. am hungry for some naan now… blame you!
    Varun’ku innum Apeeto solli tharalaya.. add to his vocabulary.. come on.. BTW, yesterday’s Indian innings deserved a big GOAL .. shout.. why don’t you write to ICC asking them to incorporate this word in cricketing lexicon.
    Dhoni.. gave a goal to pieterson, bell . Pathan gave a goal to god knows which irish player when dropped that catch..
    CHicharu…was rarer than goal! so, goal deserves a place…

      1. The anna needs a whack on his back:) Has the cheeks to say am the most adorable amma on earth on returning home!! Naan… surely sometime:)
        Varun’s vocab building is purely anna’s job!

        Btw, Neon- kannu kooosara madhiri extra bright light. So. Extra-ordinary bulb:)

  2. 1. Really!! He sounds all grown up
    2. Wow! He cooked all by himself. You much be so proud of Vyas 🙂
    3. Ouch. That one must have hurt. Poor poor you 😀
    4. lol. Go baby Varun 🙂

  3. LOL !!!! I loved the GOAL part totally !!! 😀 😀 He is so cute. 🙂 🙂

    Vyaas ka gyaan needs to be published…. 🙂 🙂

    The chef in the making will make any mommy proud !!!! So happy to know he is interested in cooking….its a great de-stresser…. 🙂

    1. @Ani: Ippo vee kanne katudhe!

      @Ambulisamma: Sigh!!! whatto say!

      @ Comfy: At least you have empathy for this poor mommy!

      @ UmaS: I hope the chef personality is not just a phase:) Varun is on a roll!

  4. Ved, for sure is a smarty! wondering where he got that from 😉 also wondering where he got his culinary skills from! That PBM and naan is very tempting – btw, I just had mutter paneer with mooli & aloo parantha (I prepared for friends)… he knows how to handle you vidu 🙂

  5. nice kichidi post .. hubby and cousins went for the match too.. claimed it was so boring that they came back too.. The naans looks yuuummmy..I havent tried the knorr mix.. should try sometime..

    1. @Sri: Drooling at the mention of mooli/aloo parantha!

      @bedazzled: The knor mix makes it easy-peasy! btw, have emailed you:)

      @Charu: It was quite a sight Charu!!

    1. His anna is his hero at the moment! Anna’s heroes are Dale Steyn, Dhoni, Stuart Broad, Kevin Pietersen, and recent addition is Andrew Strauss. Keeps switching loyalties:) The older Vs are however die-hard Sachin fans.

  6. Ha ha ha! That’s good news indeed. Cheers to Kutti Varun 🙂
    And Moment3 – ha ha ha! Classic 😉

    Missed this post during my blog break I think 😉 Thanks for linking it on the latest one 🙂

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