Don’t you agree with me?

“Three-in-one -an elephant, a turtle, and a mouse” I told Vyas showing this picture that he had done when he was around 4. “Its at least better than the one done by the six blind men!” was his supposed repartee! Arrrggghhh!!


Spare your nail-cutters and save your nails for tomorrow. Vyas is taking SA’s side! Mean fellow! Threats of ousting him from India is going nowhere! He simply says he’ll re-christen himself to Peter and migrate to SA or England!

Posting the above pic is my way of getting back at him:)

And yes, happy weekend!


11 thoughts on “Don’t you agree with me?

  1. Idhudhaan neenga getting back’ura latchanama… nanna thatti kudukura maadhiri irukku..paaru payyan naalu vayasula ennama padam pottirukaannu solra maadhiri irukku πŸ˜›

    Anaaalum SA support twenty much..

  2. ha ha ha! who’s the kid at your home? I cant see the turtle too..budding artist for conceptualizing a 3 in one pic!!..And whaat SA supporter???!! ..Abacharam

  3. ha ha ha….u getting back at him ???? πŸ˜‰ But does he read ur blog ????? πŸ˜‰

    Thats a very great creative concept of mixing 3 animals in one….WOW !!!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    SA supporter ???? But why ???? What made him decide like that ????

    • @Chatter: Ok, ‘eli’-phant it is!!:)

      @ Swaram: Isn’t it?:-D

      @LR: Getting back is because posting it against his will;) And see, SA won!! And he is celebrating!

      @ Ani: This was a ‘havable’ one;) ‘Art’-kum paiyannukkum romba dhooram!

      @Titaxy: Happy that at least you have agreed, though partially!

      @Bedazzled: And Abachaaram ruled:(

      @UmaS: Creative-illa, concept illa. He put random ovals and stringed together to make an elephant. It turned out to be an ‘eli’phant!

      @Pals: Smart?!! Too-much peter-uttufying it is!

      @Charu: Really?!! Will send him to you. Maybe you both can sit and decide together!!

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