What is your name?

The question we most dreaded during Vyas’s interview for school admission was : “What is your name?” You could win a bet hands down that this is the most creative, important, 9 out of 10 times probable question, our people would pose at a 3 yr old.

While most kids would enthusiastically mention their names for an answer, or at the most remain glum, Vyas insisted on being a little different. He’d say, “Hi! Am mookkunondi!*”- Tanglish for one who pokes the nose- literally i mean!! This because one of us adults, with the good intention of wanting to dissuade him from the act, told him that people will call him by this name if seen poking the nose! The name probably sounded very chivalrous back then and caught his fancy! An ordeal we survived for nearly an year. And fortunately, he was not asked this question during the interview!!

Till a few weeks back I was happy that Varun did not even know of such interesting possibilities and kept bragging to all and sundry on how nicely he is trained on blowing his nose during his bath. When there is a bubble, it has to burst, say the wise. It did. He’s experimenting with the forefingers of both hands and alternating the nostrils.. Eeeekkkk!! This time around, I will not make the same mistake of uttering the blasphemous word! He is already saying a big ‘Hi!!’ when greeting his friends!!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

12 thoughts on “What is your name?”

  1. ha ha ha….. 😆

    I know, the names we use for some reason, becomes embedded in their brains and its difficult to change them later.

  2. 😆 that funny name would definitely sound cute when a 3 year old would utter it 😆
    That’s good Vyas didn’t get an opportunity to be naughty in the interview 😀

    1. R’s Mom: You too?! Find a better name soon:)

      UmaS: Yes, and how the context itself changes is something!!

      ambulisamma: hmmmm… yenna pannaradhu!

      Swaram: You like it?!! Aaarrgh..

      Chatterbox: Yes, it was a great escape!:)

      Rekha: Yeah, am trying hard not to call the little one by that name!!! Its so difficult..

      Abi: Interview is a farce… edho, stars were good that day:)

      Me: Actually, we never expected that we’d have nightmares dreading the darned question!

      Sudha: Did you say sweet?!!

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