Thoppai Obsession

The IPL season is a pain and pleasure! Why, oh why oh dear Cheer Leaders do you have to entice my 2 yr old by revealing those flat thoppais?!! Just 10 minutes into the match and you will have little Varun pointing at the screen and saying- andha akka/aunty thoppaiya kaamikkara! With the cameras focusing on the CLs, its already tough for the thatha, the appa, the 9 yr anna, and 11 yr old cousin to pretend that all is well at the stadium and casually look away or find something to talk about, or just run a check on others to see if they are seeing what they are seeing! That is other than having to put up with Priety Zinta (who by the way Vyas mistook for Shilpa Shetty!!) getting on everyone’s nerves by constantly hyperventilating. Or pretending to. You will find the players on the field breathing more evenly.

And then there are the ‘family magazines’ like Ananda Vikatans, Kumudhams, and Kungumams! There is always an akka or aunty promising a thoppai-thrill! The little man shows an equal interest in annas and uncles too!

If he catches his anna or appa lying down, either reading or watching TV, he tugs at their T-shirt and slightly lifts for the world to see their toppais and follows up with a prompt announcement – appa toppaiya kaamikkaraaaa or anna thoppaiya kaaminkkaraaaan! Their resistance delights him further and he chases them until they give up running and pounce on him and squeeze him in a tight embrace!

By the way, this is not a post condemning the act of flaunting thoppai (or the lack of it). Its just to tell you that, (i) my little one has an eye for details and (ii) there is always something HAPPENING at the V-house! At the moment, its the toppai/tummy/belly obsession!

Happy Weekend!


13 thoughts on “Thoppai Obsession

  1. He he.. Pavam those CL’s they do a lot to get that flat tummy and the little brat call it thopai .. LOL

  2. Yaa..but its true na..they do show their thoppai….If he every met me and I was wearing a saree..he would tell you ‘Amma, aunty thondi kamikara’ 😉

  3. Should you try video mute in that case,i think it helps.
    In our tv is banned and sometimes when we visit someone and TV is on she gives commentary is who is doing what,very much embarrassing.

  4. There is never a bad time for thoppai obsession.
    On the topic of censoring, Its difficult censoring everything. The other day , my little one flips over the newspaper..yeah.. newspaper(The Hindu) and lo behold, a scantily clad girl greets you with a dripping cone ice.. for a condom ad(I’m sure everyone’d have noticed the ad too). What do we do? tear it up? makes them more curious..
    likewise smooching is another topic thats a bit touchy.. even Disney’s story books have illustrative nosy-nosy(smooching for adults) scenes and i’ve come to realise its just not possible to censor things completely.
    As for cheer girls.. nuff said.. they are probably the more decent dressed ones among the other threats we have to deal with.

    • @Charu: Tough proposition. Aana mudiyadhadhu yedhuvum illai. Excuse the philosophy:)

      @Swaram: OMG! Poor aunts!

      @Titaxy: 😛

      @Ani: Ummmm… very tough situation:)

      @Pals: 😛

      @Bedazzled: 😛

      @Tharini: lol! wish I could make him u/s the diff:)

      @R’s mom: In person, he would not stop with saying. I told you what he does with the dad and brother, remember;)

      @Ambulisamma: video mute when match in progress?!! romba kashtam..

      @LR: yes, there is no way you can censor everything.. sometimes it makes them more curious… and i’m beginning to believe that there is nothing left to the imagination of kids these days…

      @ Abi: 😛

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