My Senior Summer Boy


On this day nine summers ago, you were all of 21 inches, wet, sticky, with few black lines on your scalp suggesting the presence of baby hair… I thought you looked like a cute wet puppy:) You were a hot, red boy then- thanks to the heat- and momma thinks you are hotter now:)

At 9, you sometimes act 6, sometimes 16, at times even 36! But mostly 9:) Now I have this one big doubt.. Are you, by some standards, a BIG boy now? I ask this because I catch you blushing more often. It was funny (and cute) the way you and Keshu exchanged glances, shrugged your shoulders, and turned slightly pink when Imran Khan’s girl friend gives him a peck in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.. And one of you whispered to the other- ‘Love’ and I thought I heard a giggle too:) You already have plenty of secrets and I’ve caught you smiling/blushing thinking about something- I mean I literally caught you staring into space and smiling at some sweet memory. When countered, you dismissed saying ‘Nothing ma..’ and quickly changed subjects… You know amma is quite proficient in the art of *’pottu-vaangufying’ but of-late, am letting you be:)

There is also another trait that makes me think you are all grown up now- your ability to sense amma’s mood. I know I act grumpy and sore at times and have been unreasonable with you. I’m sorry. But you seem to understand and magnanimously say, “its ok ma, leave it! adhu mudinji pochi. ippo namba adha patthi pesavendam! (translates to – that episode is over. let us not talk about it)”. And you don’t ever bring it up again! I love and appreciate that you understand the need to accept your people the way they are. Your unconditional hug and several hugs on-demand, flushes out even the tiniest bit of gloom that threatens to descend on your ‘senti-mental’ amma:)

1. You remind us to buy something for your grandparents whenever we go out of town
2. You love listening to the stories of your maternal thatha and paatti who did not live to see you. they really lost a big deal I tell ya!!
3. You always watch out for your little brother and are keen on ensuring that he is safe, and what a doting brother you are!
4. You don’t let me hand over my bag to a stranger in a crowded bus or train. instead you offer to carry it and loudly announce that you must not trust your possessions with strangers unless there is a need. (reminding me that you are still a child)
5. You cannot contain excitement when you see your cousins and friends.. so much that by the end of the day you end up with a sore throat and get told by the doc that the treatment for voice abuse is to learn singing:) And yes, you turn a deep red at that observation.
6. You have an increased appetite when we go out, specially for stuff that has more cheese, butter or cream!
7. You keep switching your future avatar and am happy that you have contemplated becoming a civil engineer, a ticket collector, a ‘railway gatekeeper’ who mans the railway level-crossing, a garbage collector, a writer, an astronaut, an astronomer, a dad (yes, a dad!), a cricketer, and recently a poet:)
8. You love night-stays with your friends/cousins and love to invite them over for a stay! yes, already!
9. You love to buy gifts as much as you love to receive them!
10. You don’t yet know what it is to act subtle and manage to blurt out at the most inappropriate moment:)
11. You are still scared of moths (yes, moths and even dragon flies!), lizards, crackers and darkness!
12. You have the laziest of bones and mostly decentralize the jobs meant for you- for instance, fetching a glass of water for appa, putting your pencils, books back in your bag, stuffing the socks back in the shoes..
13. You are yet to understand the importance/intensity of the word ‘SORRY’. Am sure you will come around. Someday.
14. You have spouted a thousand logical reasonings in the last 4 years that I could actually write a book. must admit that I like your take on things mostly!!
15. You love reading mystery but are still scared of reading it late into the night, specially when the suspense gets more intense:)
16. You laugh, cry, growl, fight, cuddle, withdraw, agree, contradict, go out of the way, enjoy, sulk, talk big, talk small… you make my day!

I can go on da kutta! I still consider your nape the safest place to bury my face and also my worries:)

Amma, Appa and Varun love you for what you are! WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And yes, remember to work for your brother’s admission, okay?!!!

*’pottu-vaangufying- a wicked means of asking irrelevant questions to extract the information that you can’t have otherwise!!


28 thoughts on “My Senior Summer Boy

  1. Awww! What a wonderful post to kala tikka..happy birthday Vyas…and when you read this blog when you are older, I am sure you wil love your mom all over again 🙂

  2. wow Happy brithday Vyas… You will sure love this post when you read it later. Wishing you a wonderful and fun filled year ahead… again lovely letter 🙂

  3. Happy birthday Ved dear 🙂 You are so adorable as your mom’s posting says and is 🙂 I love you too Ved and blessings for a beautiful life for you ahead. Have fun & continue kalakufying!

  4. Very Happy Birthday Vyas.Let all your dreams come true and you continue to hide all your secrets from amma,she is terrible,she will make it very public,so do take care.

  5. okay woman, I have tears reading this post and I’m not even PMSing.

    To the b’day boy : Happy happy b’day you! Vyas, when you grow up and read this blog, do know that you’ve got a huge fan following.

    It’s you I think of when a soan-papdi vandi goes by and I curb the impulse to eat it, because your amma once told us that you have a great degree of self control and you don’t eat ice creams even when you are tempted! I hope to meet you very soon! Have many more happy happy b’days, stay happy, stay healthy! – from a fond aunty who is secretly hoping you’ll call her akka.

    PS to Vidya : that bit about him blushing at Jaane Tu Ya is priceless. though I have a feeling he’s not going to thank you for recording that particular piece of information 😛

    • @ ambulisamma: lol! on my making his secrets public:) yaam petra inbum funda:) thanks for the wishes.

      @ Abi- akka- aunty: 😛 you give him a little time and he’ll call you Abi! and he is going to sue me for several wikileaks;)

  6. April-20..??? really? 🙂 mmmm…. Happy Birthday bud. I guess brilliant people are all born on select dates 🙂

    • @Jo- thank you says the BIG man.

      @ LR: Is it the Hitler connection or someone else:P Now thinking of the date of LR’s birth…… I know its this month:) Is yours 20/4 too?!!! Belated B’day Wishes!!

  7. Belated birthday wishes to Vyas. Think in few yrs he might start a blog and write about you :)so beware 🙂

  8. I just loved the way a mother’s love flowed thru every word here. 🙂 Beautifully written Vidya. 🙂

    And A VERY HAPPY BDAY TO DEAR VYAS !!! I wish him all the good and wonderful things in life for him, with all the love of the dear ones !!! 🙂 🙂

    • @Tharini: Thank you:) For the warning too… Am prepared..:)

      @ Uma: Thanks Uma. Wishes and blessings, my boy needs plenty:) And perhaps some cookies from you too;)

  9. Happy Bday Vyas! While Varun might steal the spotlight ever so often, we know you are the original star of the family.
    “You remind us to buy something for your grandparents” -> How sweet!

    • @TPL: Bang on lady:) Hope the little one doesn’t get J when he grows up to read this comment;) Thanks for the wishes.. Howz the little hero doing?

      @ Me: Thank you sir! Why only ”guest appearance”?!

  10. Beautifully written. It made me smile and want to cry, the way you have expressed your love. Vyas, many, many happy returns of the day. How blessed you are to be so remarkably loved by your parents and family! May God bless you all.

  11. Hi…. Happy birthday…………..
    I am giving u a gift a vacation idea……..
    Whenever u planning holiday visit India……. Thanks!!! we’ll meat soon in India……..
    Good Luck……

    • @ Swapna: Thanks for the warm wishes and the blessings… Need them very much:)

      @Sonali: Thank you very much.

      @ Arun: Thanks boss! oh yeah, he remembers and either blushes profusely or gets wild for having taken him for a ride:)

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