Grey Matter

… An issue the mother and son discussed. A subject that must have been brought up at least after 10 years from now.. Or so I assumed.. But it happened.. And there was no way I could work around the question so serious.. It deserved only a direct answer.. Nothing like ‘you will understand when you grow up’ sort of answer. Because the boy is old enough to understand the laws of nature…

Vyas was peeping down from the upper berth of the train- a return journey from a trip to the North.

Vyas: Now that there is sunlight, am able to spot a few grey here and there. I mean, your hair.. (And he was not even wearing his spectacles… The little brother had helpfully broke the frame..)

Me: Oh that?! Ummm.. err.. yes… grey it is…

Vyas: Amma, are you getting old?

Me: Yes.. You know everyone ages.. (brilliant knowledge sharing I know…)

Vyas: Ummm.. So you will become a patti soon? I mean, like when I go to college?

Me: Maybe. Maybe (hayyyodaa!)

Vyas: Amma, why don’t you colour your hair?

Me: Let me think about it.. (???!!!$$$###)

The bane of having to wade through the thirties I tell ya!!!

So what say you ladies/gentlemen with a grey here and there? To be or not to be?

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

17 thoughts on “Grey Matter”

  1. Oh you are in your thirties na…I am just 29 (ya ya just making you jealous!) and I have enough grey hair not to count them πŸ˜‰ and I am thinking of mehendi hehehee πŸ™‚ and LOL on the patty!

  2. LOL !!! Vidya, u better start coloring ur hair….at least to keep the boys thinking that u still young as a flower. πŸ˜‰

    So, hv u decided to color ???? πŸ˜‰

  3. inum konja nalla varun keka poran vidya, aduku munnala edavadu sei πŸ˜‰ i tried coloring and now am back with mehendi – hair’s natural color is gone 😦 but its easier to live with these colors than a white for ur hair – unless its a beautiful uniform white πŸ™‚

  4. ha ha ha! You just reminded me of my hair-colour troubles wading through the 30’s. The grey hair gene should be “banished” πŸ˜‰

  5. i would totally wear gray, it would pass off as a sign of wisdom. Then I would pass off random aphorisms to youngsters and smile in a all-knowing serene way. oh boy i cant wait to get gray hair πŸ™‚

    1. @R’s mom: Ok laugh.. Kya karen! Wait for the kiddo to grow up.. Let me know if mehendi works;)

      @Swaram: He didn’t get that far.. I dare not ask too.. What if he says purple. Or Silver again?

      @Uma: Give me some stories to convince that natural is beautiful;)

      @Charu: Life-le idhu oru mukyamana kattam illaya? ippadi sollite!

      @Sri: BLASPHEMY! Talking of full white already!! That looks nice only on Waheeda Rehman..

      @Ani: You bet.. Or swap the berth with the child and nit-pick from there;)

      @Titaxy: Have been thinking of telling him coloring is passe… grey is style;)

      @ Pals: Grace and charm… Ummm.. I’m having difficulty trying to link those words to self… encouraging nonetheless;)

      @bedazzled: Yep, that seems to be the right thing to do;)

      @KK: Aaah! The other side is always grey-er! Wait till you get here!

    1. @chatterbox- yes, have decided not to worry about ‘grey areas’ for now..

      @Comfy: you give me hope:)

      @Abi: what is the tamizh equivalent of ‘you step into my shoes and see’? appo theriyum;)

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