Lake? What Lake? Uttarakhand – Part III

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Part 2: Chandni Chowk to China

Someone please teach me to cut down words.. Its ironic that colleagues, friends sometimes send me their drafts to cut a long story short. I started off writing one (believe me) post on a recent trip and it looks like a screenplay for a metti-oli or junoon tele-serial – never ending!! Pliss to suffer!


It took less than 2 hours to reach the Sterling Resort at Mussoorie. The climb down to our room had just 160 steps. No joke that one. The climb up with a 2 yr old is no fun.. Varun is learning the art of communication only too well… The moment he sees the stairs, he’ll ask to be carried and would say ‘ayikka ikku’ (its dirty), or chappallu tightaa ikku (the chappal/shoe is too tight) etc. And for some reason, most places we visited here had at least 50 to 100 steps!

The temperature was at around 29/30 deg c during the day and evening/nights were pleasant. There isn’t much to see around except for Kempty Falls, Lal Tibba, Dhanaulthi, a temple on top of a cliff which involved climbing around 200 steps, and the Mall road.

If you ever visit Mussoorie and the folks there talk you into visiting any lake, please refuse. No, not for the fear of getting abducted or theft.. There are NO lakes in Mussoorie. They are probably stolen. Or hidden. Or we were partially blind. There was a spot called Lake Mist and we had conjured up images like that of Dal lake (see, we were close to the Himalayan ranges and it is only right we think of Dal and not Ooty/Kodai lake!)… It turned out to be a murky pond the size of two swimming pools, shallow and stinking and a had pedal boats. It sucked to say the least.

Following this, we kept sulking and telling the driver and the resort folks about how pathetic the lake was, to which every other person (local folks) said that we must visit the Mussoorie Lake and that we’d like it. Being the nuts of the highest order, we went to this lake with great hopes. It was smaller than the Mylapore Chitrakulam and it indeed was just a tank- maybe the size of 5 swimming pools!

The hubby and I tried keeping each other in good spirits by lauding our choice of place, just that we chose the wrong season… Which by the way is true:) From anywhere between October and Feb, it would have been awesome. So, we were content with visualizing snow in Mussoorie and on the distant Himalayan peaks that you could see from the resort.. At the moment the mountains stand tall, large, and bluish-grey

Food was great in every corner of Mussoorie.. We mostly stuck to the road-side ‘bhojanalayas’ and on instructions they served food with very less oil and spice. The junior Vs ate what was on offer and as some amount of junk food was allowed, they did not have much to complain. The moment we settled in to have food, Varun would place his order- ‘enakku mashaaalaa venumm’ which means roti with some potatoes:)

Vyas suffered from severe Hindi-sound-bytes and wondered why people were using Hindi to even tell numbers when dealing with money and time:) Varun on the other hand began calling people ‘bhai-saab’ and saying ‘baito-baito’ (sit-sit).

On or way back to Dehradhun, we quickly touched Sahasthradhara and headed to Haridhwar- a last minute decision- before coming back to Dehradhun to board our train to Kathgodham.. And we are happy we made that decision because River Ganga was a spectacular sight! It was an experience watching the crowd wait for the 7.00 PM Aarthi. Ganga was even more beautiful at sunset.. and not for one moment were we able to associate this damsel with the polluted Ganges seen in documentaries.. Am happy I’ve not seen that side of her. Yet. Or I’d be singing ‘Ganga behthi hain kyon?

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Author: Vidya

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8 thoughts on “Lake? What Lake? Uttarakhand – Part III”

  1. Arti @ Haridwar is one of the best experience that I have ever had. In fact One shud see the Maha Aarti @ Varanasi & that while riding a baot in Ganges!! Ah lovely experience.

    lol @ no lake!! But as u said wrong season to look for snow πŸ˜€

  2. Wow – sounds so good your trip. I find these trips w/in India somehow so adventurous when I read about it in all your blogs. Rather than going by plane and renting a car – living just the way you do at your own home – every place has similar grocery shops etc – where as in India – it is so different and riding trains, hearing different languages, different kinds of ethnic wear…kids being exposed to so many uncertainties…for me if I did a trip like this with my two young kids I will feel like I have achieved something!

  3. Oh I hv been wanting to visit the Ganges at Haridwar for soo long nw 😦 Hw nice that u got to go there πŸ™‚

    LOL, so u saw 2-in-1 and 5-in-1 swimming pools eh πŸ˜› πŸ˜› Cool cool πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

    Loved Varun’s Hindi bits πŸ˜€

  4. Please keep writing..its fun…These kids always want to be carried only when we are really really tired na..and oh God what excuses, dirty and chappals tight..I wonder if Varun n R seem to be keeping some sort of secret communication on how to make our mothers carry us? She comes up with such excuses also..amma mera shoe ganda ho jayega! yaa right! Roti and aloo masala..yummmmmmm

  5. @Smitha: Will keep Varanasi in mind the next time.. Maybe 2015.. Lets see…

    @Uma: It was wonderful with a very light agenda..

    @wondernoon: Welcome here noon… you are right… variety and diversity.. if you make a trip south, do ping me:)

    @Swaram: Vyas rolling his eyes everytime someone spk to him in Hindi was quite a sight:) and yeah, we went all the way up to see 2 stinky tanks:)

    @R’s mom: telepathy methinks between varun and R.. only diff is that he’ll look up to the daddy to carry him because mommy is, well, BAD!

  6. Beautiful pics…am stunned seeing the Ganges during Aarti….such a spectacular sight. πŸ™‚ LOL @ Varun’s hindi…so cute. πŸ™‚
    I’ll remember ur tips – abt that Mussorrie lake, when I visit there. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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