V.I.P – Uttarakhand Part??

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Part 1: A trip to Uttarakhand
Part 2: A trip to Uttarakhand
Part 3: Lake? What lake?
Part 4: Naini Devi was Kind

Delhi and back.

What do you make of honeymooners, single youngsters etc if you see them use up 3 or 4 seats together to sleep in the waiting rooms of railway stations when there are other people with kids, elderly people etc standing or sitting on the floors for lack of chairs? There was this guy who quite romantically kept stroking his bride’s hair (who was trying to have a cozy snooze on his lap) in the waiting hall and ensured every soul there got to see how much he loved his wife!! She, for a moment opened her eyes, saw me carrying varun, Vyas carrying a heavy back-pack besides another small luggage and there were few others. And she promptly resumed her sleep!! There was another family that had lined up their luggage onto 4 chairs and even before I asked, one lady in that group told me that they had a reservation. Did she think I didn’t? No idea! Another girl, must have been around 20, had two chairs empty next to hers and said it was reserved for her dad! Surprising how certain patterns just don’t change through out India- be it in Kerala or Kathgodam!

We were content settling down on the floor and I got busy peeling oranges for Varun while the other 2 went to get some dinner. I think we dozed off the moment we were on the train for I don’t remember much of what happened on the journey to Delhi. Headed back to my friend’s house (it was 5.00 AM) who wouldn’t hear of any excuses about letting us stay somewhere close to the station as we had to take the evening’s train to Chennai.

There still was this one important visit pending… After a quick nap and wash, the hubby, Varun and I went to meet this wonderful woman with, to quote PV, “A bright smile, the only visible indicator of her incredible achievement -a glorious example of the perseverance of the human spirit“. Not for one moment did we feel that we were meeting someone for the first time! It was a warm 30 mins with her, mostly spent talking about several things, including Tamilnadu elections:).. Varun held on to her finger and asked to be led throughout the house hunting for toys and kept threatening to pull down things from racks.. . Bunnu’s toy train came handy and the fellow was busy for a while.. If PV is chocolate, Aunty is mother of chocolates:) We extracted a promise from her to visit us at Chennai and bid adios.

Geetha and I had one more job to do- go shopping.. Her hubby took us to her fav Kurtis shop while mine offered to stay home as his presence would not be conducive for shopping;). Did a quick shopping, resisting mass buying.. Everything on the shelf looked good:) But then, I was not aware of the hefty bonus credited to my account by my employer:( . An opportunity lost. Have vowed to make up for it.. Barely had time to stuff the shopping bags into the luggage and make it to the railway station. To think that 9 days had vaporized in a second… sigh!!!!

Little did I know that the journey back home would give a story I’d keep telling over and over again!!!

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Part 7: An end and a beginning

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

9 thoughts on “V.I.P – Uttarakhand Part??”

  1. Ah! this was a nice quick read πŸ™‚

    We can observe so much in a waiting room or at a station! There are so many stories waiting to be told no πŸ™‚

    And l’lle shopping even when ur hubby wasn’t around?? Sad πŸ˜€

  2. Booking seats!!! Reminds me of Mumbai life. You can book seats on a local train in Mumbai you know! just ask everyone around you where their destination stop is and book the seat of the person who is getting out at the earliest station enroute. How? just tell the person that you would be honouring the seat after it is vacated and just make sure everyone around your vicinity hears it. And if someone else makes the mistake of occupying an already “booked” seat then only heavens can save the poor lady!..:-)

    Vacations have the knack of just speeding by….

    1. @Uma: Exaclty! God save the woman who has been subjected to the wrath of a fellow woman for having just asked if the seat was booked! She literally tore me apart and after that I NEVER NEVER NEVER ask for seats πŸ™‚

      @Vidya: super nice read….its sad that those people didnt stand up to at least share the seats..but you know in Baroda, we used to usually sit on the floor if nothing was available in the station πŸ™‚ just put some newspapers and sit down there if the train is late πŸ™‚ great you could meet up with fellow bloggers what fun πŸ™‚

  3. Liked the narrative – see? This is what I meant about some great (travel) writers on blogosphere. Unfortunate about the waiting room – I’ve seen that happening a lot in Bangalore as well ; you’re bang on when you say nothing changes in India, regardless of city.

    Thanks for dropping by, ma’am.

  4. I just went through the VIP’s blog. Indeed she is a VIP and her mother-Aw was impressed. Happy for you πŸ™‚

    1. @ Smitha: We keep each other out of our shopping lives, he he!

      @Uma: Reserving seats in a local train is the limit!

      @R’s mom: Yes, we settled on the floor nicely without wasting more than 2 minutes.. It was the ‘expected behaviour’..

      @Phatichar: I like your screen name;) Am glad u like them posts, but i usually bombard this space with how I screw up as a parent to my sons and expect fellow bloggers to empathize:)

      @bedazzled: Such trivialities spice up the trips:)

      @Tharani: Thanks. Isn’t she awesome!

  5. Whom did u meet ????? The link is not showing properly !!!

    Shopping in Delhi is one of the fav things to do…now I shld meet u to know what all u shopped. πŸ™‚

    Oh, the waiting room stories – ppl never grow up, right ???? The youngsters dont want to stand or walk or do anything exercising the muscles and give place for elders…..

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