For laughs

A colleague R, who we all love to take a dig at for the rare gems of wisdom he occasionally throws at us, actually said these:

The discussion was about a recent cricket world cup match (Ind Vs Aus)

X: That was a super caught-and-bowled by Zaheer Khan da *machan!

R: Is that so? Was the catch taken at Point?

X: Dei, I said caught and bowled..

R: That is what da.. I asked if it was Ponting’s wicket!


Y: Planning a trip to Cochin da.

R: Yes machaan.. you must go.. Its a nice hill station..

Y: What? Its plains da, not hills..

R: Really? But when I last saw it, it was a hill station..


R is also famous for his movie reviews, just that the review is constant across the movies.. He’d genuinely call every Vijay, Ajith, Chimbu or Dhanush movie a “super padam”, worth watching with the family. What more can I say..

* a term of endearment in Tamizh to show you are pally-pally.. ‘maamu’ is one other..

See ya all next week…


14 thoughts on “For laughs

  1. Halo… Cochin is now called Dubai.. theriyaadha.. did you not see S.Ve Sekhar use Gaja to go to Dubai in a thoni!? its actually a hill station πŸ˜›
    Ungalukku theriyaadhu’na.. mathavanga solradhu thappa….. paavam… R’a en ippadi kalaaikareenga? R… nee kalakkuda raasa… you were right about Zaheer Khan, ponting catch’a Zaheer bowl pannitu… ooooooodi poi… point’la pudichaan zaheer… kalakku……po

    • @Abi: even 8-9 yr old podiyans are found saying that line;)

      @Comfy: yes. lifts boredom.

      @R’s mom: any such specimens in your work place?

      @LR: Neenga irukum bodhu, vera shathru-e vendam:)

      @Smita: Yes, work life is never monotonous with such souls around.

      @phatichar: also visualize the undeterred face of R who kept sucking hot coffee with straw!!

      @metzii: you are right! btw, welcome here..

      @swar: Yes, just back this morning from another lovely trip!

      @charu: Will write to you:)

      @Umas: right! on!

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