Truth and lies co-exist

I found this assignment by Vyas in a worksheet early last academic year.. The papers were returned at the end of the term and I’ve saved few like this:)

In case you are not able to read the text in the images, its here:

How I help my mother

I help my mother to make noodles, pasta and soup (truth)

I help my mother to make papier mache (ummm… part truth)
I help my mother in dusting and sweeping the floor (absolute lie. he knows he has to eventually learn doing it)
I help my mother to deliver clothes for ironing (part truth.. sulks big time)
I help my mother to take out a book I like (now what do you call this… who is helping who?)
I help my mother to find her cellphone (truth)
I help my mother to take care of my younger brother (truth)
I help my mother to put clothes in the washing machine (a slight correction.. helps the dad)
I help my mother to clear the bed (a big lie..)
I help my mother to put my toys in the tub (again! considers it a ‘help’!)


16 thoughts on “Truth and lies co-exist

  1. Where it is a โ€˜who is helping whoโ€™.. look at it this way. If he absolutely refused to do it and you had no choice but to do it yourself.. then he reconsiders and agrees to pitch in.. is that not helping ?

  2. @R’s Mom: Am not letting Vyas see your comment. Censored:)

    @Uma: The time will come:)

    @LR: Your logics and Vyas’s are in total sync!

    @T (metzii): The boy is only talking big. No guilt pheelings, ok?

    @ Swaram: I know! the cheek!

    @Titaxy: Am censoring your comment also:) The fellow already thinks too much of himself.

    @Charu: Nanbi di!

    @Jyo: Ennathe solla!

    @Swapna: I’d like to think so:)

    @TPL: Cute-aa? Don’t you think he needs a tight pinch?

  3. Way to go Ved ๐Ÿ™‚ More than half of the list you agree with! The rest, rather than a ‘lie’ they are ‘not telling the complete truth’ cases – different perspective of his u c ๐Ÿ˜‰

    — Like him being able to make a choice of his book in a considerably quicker time span, is a big help for you – else you see kids who make you spend an era out there!
    — Hey the last on the list is for sure an help; given the current kid syndrome!

    Overall, he scored big here :)) Luv u ved!

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