Varunisms- June’11

Amma, aer-kat pannalaam – Lets have a hair-cut amma

Naan chamaatha ikkaeeeeeeenn (says it in a sing-song way)- I’ll be good

Yenakku theriyuuuuuuuuuuuunnn (I know……….)

Me: Varun, adikka koodadhu (You must not hit)

Varun: Adhippen (will hit)

Me: Chamattha saapadanum (be nice and eat)

Varun: chamattha chaapamaataen (will be nice and not eat)

Me: Saapadalenna, enakku kovam varum. apporam enna aagum? (I’ll get angry if you don’t eat. And then you know what will happen)

Varun: Paush kaara, inge vaanga.. Varun chaapamatenga. (and then turns to face me and says)Paathiya? Paush kaara vandhutaar paathiya (Policeman, come here. Varun is refusing to eat. See? I told you the Police is here).


Varun: shaar, vaanga shaar. diver vandhuken (sir, come here sir. the driver is here.)

Us(anyone): yennanga sir? (yes sir, what do you want?)

Varun: autho diver vandhuken (the auto driver is here – refers to self)

Us: Maambalam varingala sir? (Will you take us to Mamabalam?)

Varun: autho-le okaanga (or okachikonga) shaar. (Get into the auto)

Us: okay sir. Evvalo rooba sir (how much will you charge)

Varun: anjroooba shaar (Five rupees sir).

And the driver drives away faaasht. On his tricycle. Propelling it forward by paddling his feet fast like a duck on the floor instead of pedalling the vehicle.


Insists on playing ‘Hosanna’ song from VTV every now and then and says he’ll dance. And he does. The steps are gorgeously cute and would match even if you were saying “*aadu raa raama, aadu raa rama”. He is mostly on all fours when he dances.

*Have you seen monkey dance on streets? Yes, that’s the one.


18 thoughts on “Varunisms- June’11

  1. Aw… so cute.. especially anjrooba… whats with anjrooba.. every kid seems to like the number … Your post reminded me of a neighbour whose kid could not say ja and would use ga instead and would go Anguroova..
    once he said engaakuva ovu gungupoo pookukku.. here is another one… enga kaakka gubailendhu kopa kekku vaangindu vandhikka guess what he said? Of course the boy must be 8 years old or so now 🙂

    So cute.. dance video plls.. (in fb at least?)

    • @LR: Enga akka dhubai le irundhu cup cake vaangindu vandhaanga:)
      Not bad… Enga thaatha… Dubai’lendhu… Sofa set vaangindu vadhirukka…

      engaakuva ovu (oru?) gungupoo (gundu poo?) pookukku (poothudu?)…
      Engaathula… oru ..gundu poo… poothirukku…

  2. He is so cute…and his tamizh is pretty nice rey (I know being in the south and all that) but most tamizh words are pretty difficult to speak na…

    and the policman..awesome 🙂

  3. LOl, u hv a very cute monkey there 🙂
    Am glad I cn understand Tamil! So much fun is lost when we translate our things to Englees, no 🙂

  4. sweet..!
    wish auto-drivers were half as gracious..
    mazhalai is so sweet to hear..when R says anju, he stresses so much on “j”..its amusing..

  5. how so so so cute of him 😀 maybe you should record Varunisms sometime and upload it for us readers to hear him say all those cute things 😛

  6. @LR: Enga akka dhubai le irundhu cup cake vaangindu vandhaanga:)
    engaakuva ovu (oru?) gungupoo (gundu poo?) pookukku (poothudu?)… no clue!! now, how far am from truth?!

    @R’s mom: Tamizh probably sounds tough as you are not in frequent touch… Marathi seems tough now and look back those days when i used to speak it as fluently as Tamizh!! And you are a Gujju now;)

    @Swar: He is a monkey! Btw, how do you know Tamizh?

    @Charu: 🙂

    @Uma: LOL on R emphasizing J:) Mazhalai must be accorded a separate dialect status:)

    @Comfy: Will try to catch him in action sometime and email you:) Hope he continues saying ‘Paush’ till then!

    @Ani: Since last night, he’z been saying and enacting ”adra raama”!!

    @Titaxy: Yeah I think i must.. But they fellow acts very pricey the moment he sees the camera..

    @Uma: Thank you Uma:)

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