Results will follow and how!

The progress report and the answer papers of a test the last academic year were handed over during the open-day at school. The teacher’s observation was that our man was a little careless. He seemed to do things in a hurry so he has time to play with friends. This, she thought, reflected in the cycle test too where he’d copy a question wrong. I did not tell the teacher (and Vyas) that more than his impishness, it was also the gene that should take the blame:)

Vyas and I were going over the Math answer paper in which he’d got a division wrong as he had copied the question wrong. The teacher had put a big bold comment against the working saying- Copied the question wrong.

The next series of tests were round the corner and when we were at the Math exercises, I told Vyas exactly this:

Kanna, remember what your ma’am told? It is perfectly okay if you get stuck with a problem or you do not know the answer to a question. Look at the questions carefully when you write so you at least don’t get the questions wrong! There is no hurry. Put in your best efforts. Results will follow.

You are wrong amma. Results don’t follow just like that. The teacher will correct the answer sheets and put a score. Only then will the results follow.

And the result? The dad is sure that he’s taken after the amma! Will patiently await my turn!


9 thoughts on “Results will follow and how!

  1. hahahhaha! you cant beat that logic na…but you know what..I think I was like that…I was in such a hurry to complete the paper that I often made silly mistakes like copying the Q wrong or doing addition instead of subraction and stuff

  2. lol.. is this very common? I got exact same comments abt Adi from her teacher.. every day I had to erase the words in her homework sheet just to make her write neatly and not to correct mistakes.. there will be zero mistakes… she finishes very quick and then gets into helping other kids..

  3. Are most kids not this way? I remember I was and so was my brother. It does get better with age I think 🙂

    And yes please wait for your turn, I am sure it is just around the corner.

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