Happy Birthday Duddu!

Dear Duddu,

Your arrival into this world exactly 10 yrs ago, was quite dramatic.. It was hard to imagine my sis, (your mom now) was soon going to be a mother! She sat swaying and writhing in pain in the hospital, the contractions getting more intense by the hour. Your appa chose exactly one of those moments to cheer her up and attempted a poor joke(for he himself appeared a little nervous, but would never admit!). My sis, responded in her style with, ‘Poda!’, still swaying from right to left. You emerged half-an-hour later, and the 30 minutes she was away, your silly periamma was weeping buckets not knowing how to react..

You know the first thing your mom did after she popped? She had a glass of chilled Pepsi! In case you didn’t know, she is cool like that! You were the first beautiful baby that I cradled in my arms within an hour of birth. You had a head full of jet-black hair, that looked almost trimmed to perfection, and ripe black grapes for eyes, and looked like you were straight out of a mens beauty parlor !! I’m very proud of the fact that I was with you the first 3 days and spent most time holding you in my arms:) Your mom was back to her old chic-self by evening, and it was and still is hard to believe that she is a mother of two!

At 11 months, you crawled and supported yourself up onto a potty.. By then your hair was falling all over your face and ears and your amma used to tie it up into a sardarji knot and you looked doubly cute..

You are a tall, handsome boy of 10 now, as calm and composed as you were even as a baby.. I have always thought you by-passed age 2 and 3 and jumped into 4 for I don’t remember a single terrible-2, or a tantrum-3 day. I don’t believe that is possible and your brothers Vyas and Varun, and sis Aashi are awesome proofs of this phase! You are special for another reason too – you are the only grandchild that our dad lived to see and you accomplished a rite/ritual a grandson is supposed to, when you were just one! And see, there is a picture below with you sporting a bokkai smile and the granddad in the background, busy at something..

The proof of your turning 10 is not in height or manners, for you have always been that tall, quiet, and pleasant guy, and still that baby that loves to sleep across his amma’s legs..yes, even now! Its your shying and running away when I want to plant a kiss and squeeze you in a tight hug.. Like always, the one thing that you dread in your perimma is her desire to tickle you (for that matter, all you kids) till your sides ache with laughter that induce tears!! I still don’t seem to get enough of it all!!

This birthday is very special da Duddu kanna, because this is the first time you have ever asked me what I was going to buy for your Birthday, and that happens to be the first time you ever asked anyone what they were going to buy for you, specially for your birthday!!! I’d give you this world if it were in my might (this is your senti-‘mental’ perimma speaking, and you have all the right to ignore this part of her!).. On this special day, I want to make one confession – that you are a big part of my life and you make my almost perfect world complete!! I love you! Have a great, rocking birthday my baby!


14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Duddu!

  1. As you know Vidya, I have a great respect for your posts and for this one too. But, me being myself… (now..anyone who doubts that?) … i have this overwhelming urge to say the most inappropriate of things at the most inappropriate of times. So, I have let that a#@#$e in me speak out and say
    “enna oru paasa malar scene pa…. henceforth you are no longer trikalagnanavidyadevi.. you are Paasamalar Vidya… ”
    So, you understand that I did not say that ..right? no?……. right?…whatever…

    • oh… really… i could not stop him…
      ” your sister had sarakku immediately after delivering’a…?god bless her! sooooper pamily pa…”

  2. Thats one of the sweetest posts ever…your sis had Pepsi post delivery *Virtual salutes to her* What a lovely boy he is…happy birthday Duddu and to many more such birthday and senti letters from your perima 🙂

  3. First and foremost Happy Birthday Duddu.. Can there be a lovelier post than this? do remember to update us on what big mom (adhan pa periamma) gifted you..

  4. To have such love is very special. So on Duddu’s 10th birthday I wish that he always is surrounded by such love and all his loved one.

    God Bless.

  5. Happy Birthday Dudu!!! …. Vidya, time and again, you bring tears in my eyes, but I enjoyed and happy this time to have known so much about Dudu… My love to him and his lovely periamma… sari sari, intha katha porum, enna vaangi thantheenga kuttikku???? — Radhai

  6. @LR: Realized it was typical ‘paasamalar’ material the moment i hit publish! And yes, the sis had the cola – chilled, post delivery:) I’m hoping our families continue the tradition;)

    @ Tharini: Thank you… the boy has still not specified what he wants… he will not…:)

    @ R’s mom: Thankoo… yeah, she had pepsi.. will route your salutations;) am waiting for the day when he’ll blackmail me into not being senti;)

    @Uma: Thanks Uma…

    @Ani: Thank you, thank you:) yep, perimma will post an update…

    @Titaxy: Thank you so much- says Duddu

    @Comfy:Yes Comfy, the best gift ever would be to have your loved ones by you- always.. thank you so much!

    @Charu: Madam, passed on to both:) They are waving a big HI!!

    @Usha: Thanks Usha! Yes, he is Nithya’s son – Aathrey alias Duddu:)

    @ Radhai: You are another ‘Paasamalar’;) Will need all the love and blessings dear!

    @Aparna: Hey, thanks.. Welcome here!!

  7. Happy birthday athrey :))) I totally agree with u vidu; till date I can’t see nithu as a mom of 2 beautiful gems! Guess Nithu will always remain Kutti Pisasu for me :)) luv her for whatever she is & equally I luv u kiddos. You most definitely a blessing for ur mama and periamma! Vidu, if am not wrong I guess I managed to visit him when he was born or little after – most well behaved kid I’ve seen in the recent years 🙂 Bless u kiddo… yup soon we will go shopping for ur gift.

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