Showoff No.1-Varun:

Our little man is beginning to make his style-statements.. Relenting to his constant pestering for a coolers, we got him one from a roadside shop for Rs.20. He put it on, adjusted it a little, and then raised it over his head and let it stay there. He looked about with his hands on his hips and said, “naan Dhoni maari ikken“- I look like Dhoni!!! I have no clue when he saw Dhoni do that!

He asks to be lifted to look at himself in the mirror. Smiles at himself and says – “naan cute-aa ikken“. Vanity – with a capital V!

He wants to wear full-sleeved shirts and tees, but wants to roll up the sleeves till his elbow:)- ‘Sariya madingi vidu maa‘ he says asking me to roll it up properly!

Show off No.2-Vyas:

The boy switched to slow-motion on a weekday evening, literally dragging himself as if he was drugged, and was generally playing truant. I brandished a scale (the small plastic one as the bigger one had mysteriously vapourized like the thousand other items at home) and threatened to spank him if he did not bring his bag and books to me. He shook himself awake and menacingly walked towards me and inflicted this on the unsuspecting mommy- “Don’t think you are a scary manifestation,” whatever that means!!! I was in splits and sought more explanation. He offered one, only it was even more complex. Turns out, it was a sentence he flicked from a book he was reading and was thirsting to use it on someone. I’m the default test-bed:)

He is into his regular cricket coaching this academic year and thankfully the practice sessions are early in the morning- from to 7.30 am, thrice a week. He has about 25 mins time after that to bathe, break his fast, get dressed, and go to school.. On day 1, he comes back home saying ‘its a total waste‘!! The older Vs were fuming of course, but kept to themselves because he had to get back to school and it was not the time to deal with his ways:) We later discovered that the coach had insisted on some exercises and running as part of fitness needs and the 1st day was spent doing only that. He was miffed because the kids did not get to handle any bat and ball! And how can that be called ‘cricket-coaching’?! And nothing to say of the air he puts on on the days he has his coaching.. Obama will have fewer appointments!


14 thoughts on “Showoffs!

  1. Awesome…soooppper post Vidya…I loved loved loved Varun and his usage of Tamil..oh God! RD would really do anything if R could speak Tamil like this πŸ™‚

    and Vyas..ab kya bolu..boss too much logic..and he uses words like manifestation…sahi! I am so so impressed

    and LOL on the cricket practise..its like me going on the first day to my music class when I was in nursery and the teacher made me sing sa-pa-sa a million times and I was like what no songs??? I would say tummy ache for the next 10 classes and ma gave up πŸ™‚

    • @LR: I think you must meet him soon and ask:) . Idhulle ungalukku oru sandhosham;)

      @Uma: style-mannan fits:) LR-kkum time varum:)

      @R’s mom:Your mom must be very sweet to relent so easily:) Vyas isn’t all that lucky i guess;) Send R to me and have Varun for a while.. We’ll mutually benefit:)

  2. practice session at 6 am? then what time he has to wake up? poor guy..
    lol on the last show off of Varun.. oru rowdy ready aagirar…

    what would these boys do in college if they do all showoffs now itself? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    my tummy always chruns when I think about dealing these kids in their teens 😦

    • @Smitha: That is something we’ve been asking ourselves:)

      @Ani: He wakes up at 5.30 AM and acts very important;) The good side is that the dad is forced to cut on his laziness and get some workout:) I think kids will graduate into teens learning ‘how to manage adults’;)

      @Swaram: Go laugh girl.. I’ve for long been threatening to send the boys to you..:)

      @ Comfy: πŸ˜€ I showed vyas your comment.. he says he is serious.. I agreed.. that he is seriously funny:)

  3. I like that… especially when they try to use those ‘big’ words. I remember my son when he was five years old, staring at the pouring rain from the balcony and exclaiming, “What a phenomenon!” Needless to say, my Dad was zapped as well as impressed πŸ™‚

  4. @Abi: That is too much pampering I say!!

    @Uma: Pattu is Pattttu! Will do the tag.. πŸ™‚

    @rekha: Lol! on the phenomenon!! What is the sonny upto now?!!

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