Anna All-rounder!

On a cold working day… What? You are not buying the ‘cold working day’ because I’m talking about a day in Chennai?.. Well, it can be a cold working day in Chennai if you are inside my new office premises (same company though) when the AC temperature is set to make your fingers and mind go numb… Well, I digress..

So where was I? Yeah, so on one such day, the sonny boy calls up after he is back from school.. Which by itself is unusual.. He used to call once in a while to ask if he could take a bar of chocolate.. But that was when he was a small boy till a few months back.. Now, this big boy calls and asks me to guess why he called.. It was not chocolates, not a sleep-over at his friend’s, no beyblades, no books, no pizza.. And the amma gives up..

And then, my dear boy tells me on phone that he was awarded the ‘All Rounder’ prize for the last academic year!!! The mommy as expected, reacted with a stupid- “Really? Wow!!”, but it was lined with 200% enthusiasm!Really! Vyas on the other end reacted with, “Yesss ma! You know what, when the teacher read out my name, I thought there surely was a mistake”!! Trust my boy to say just that.. He really takes after me and ONLY me!!

I’d be lying if I were to say that it didn’t matter to him or me, though this was never the goal we ‘chased’.. It is a happy moment for the V-family:) He did not want any of us coming to watch the prize distribution, but we all sneaked in without a noise and cheered every kid that walked the stage..

What this prize means to Vyas: Varun will not be refused admission for the coming academic year by virtue of his anna being an all-rounder;)

Author: Vidya

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23 thoughts on “Anna All-rounder!”

  1. Give Vyas a big hug from my end will ya! muaah! Super proud of him..and such a lovely thought he had about his all rounder ness πŸ™‚ Sweet post

  2. Yay! Hip Hip Hurray! boy gets awards! It must have been a proud moment πŸ™‚ Guess what you get a bit of that award too!!!Before you smile… wait.. i did not say for great mothering… you get a share of the award for staying out of his way *Smiles smugly* .. Happy for you folks. Great going! Vyas… boy. Read the sub text..

  3. woowwwww congrats Vyas… such a responsible anna at this early age.. now give this super boy a special treat with whatever he asks for (no restrictions)..

  4. *goes all smug* I knew it before you posted it here. he ha he ha he ha (I think I’m having a Revs moment here)

    The boy is a champ! and you evil amma, don’t you tell us it’s not a goal you didn’t make him chase – you had the innocent kid believe that the small one’s admission was practically in his hands πŸ˜€

    And typical Vyas to not want anyone to come to see him get his prize! πŸ™‚

    1. @R’s mom: He accepts your muah.. with all shyness and returns a blush for response:)

      @Charu: He says a big thank you to you:)

      @LR: I will not refute facts boss:) I like to be a pest at times:) Thank you:)

      @Ani: He wanted a cheese-burst pizza and got it:) He’z not learning:)

      @Abi-Evil: He doesn’t buy my ideas mostly.. So he could have trashed this too;) Revs moment indeed.. I like all her digs at YOU;) Been a while since I visited her space though..

      @Titaxy: Thank you dear!

      @TPL: Your comments are like ‘kurinji poo’:) Thank you.. I don’t know if its a boy-thing.. He’z always had trouble handling appreciation.. perhaps the dad’s gene;)

      @Rekha: Thank you!

      @Tharani: Thank you. His definition of ‘big’ is mostly linked to cheese or butter..;)

      @Uma: Thanks Uma.. Like LR says, the biggest help I offer is staying out of his way;)

      @Swaram: ‘So when is that aunty?”, he asks:)

      @Manasa: Yaay, look who’z here!! Will surely pass on your wishes!

  5. Cool Ved:) U rock dude! a big hug and lots of muuahs for your achievement! Luv ur attitude to enjoy a mix of all that made u an allrounder – keep that intact! Vidu – mansula ‘laddu phootrahe haina’ πŸ™‚ proud mom! touch wood!

    wait for the little terror to join ved… this blog space may not be enugh to write abt these guys’ episodes… luv u ved & vyas πŸ™‚ bless u!

  6. Congrats to Vyas! Education system has come a long way.. from awarding books to cell phones.. wah ,wah!

  7. really proud of vyas! congrats to him. He is such a wonderful kid and deserves this. Tell him that shreya was very happy and excited when she told me this news.

    1. Anna is mighty happy to hear this Priya! Thanks to you and to the wonderful girl Shreya!! Vyas is blessed to have friends like her.

  8. How wonderful. Great moment for you and Vyas. That too coming when least expected. Give that boy something special to make this occasion memorable.

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