Amma is proud of you..

Varun. You are at a stage where I don’t know which are the things you understand and the ones that you don’t. And so when I told you this morning that we are going to the doc’s for a blood test, you simply asked, “Oosi pooduvaala” (will I be given a shot?) and still came without throwing a tantrum.. In the clinical lab, when i held the plastic container for you to pee, you were not sure what you should do, but did at my bidding without further ado.. And then, when the ‘akka’ there was explaining that I should hold you tight and turn your face away from the needle, and that if you shook your hands or legs, she might have to repeat the process, you were listening to her intently. I held you close and tight and there! From the time of prick till she finished extracting a syringe full, you did not utter a sound!!!! And the moment we were back home, you begged and pleaded to be taken to your ‘payshkool’. To me, its a big deal! I’m not worried about your fever now.. You are a strong, brave boy. I love you.

At the doc’s place a couple of days back:

Doc: So champ, what’s the matter?

Varun: Enakku joram vandhukku. (I have fever)

Doc: Appadiya? Check pannalaama? (Is that so? Shall we check?)

Varun: Enakku chaaukkulate venum. (I want a chocolate)

Doc: (opens a box of tiny biscuits): Unakku lion pidikuma, rabbit pidikuma, enna pidikum? (Which one do you like, the lion or the rabbit?)

Varun: Biscuit vaenaa. chaaukkulate dhaan venum. (No biscuits. Only chocolates)

Doc: I’ll buy it the Next time.

Varun: Orange irukka? (Oranges then?)

Doc: Illaye! Naan unakku vaangi tharaen.. (No, I don’t have.. Will buy some for you)

Varun: Shishar ikka? (Do you have a pair of scissors?)

Doc gives up!

Varun: Kaadhule idhe pottuko (points at his stethoscope and insists that he examine…)

Doc: Ok Sir! (and lifts varun’s shirt to put the steth against his chest)

Varun: Hayyo! Varun thoppaiye kaamikaran!! (oh no! varun is showing his tummy!)

The doc is in splits by now..

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

17 thoughts on “Amma is proud of you..”

  1. and I am in love…he is so cute…I can so understand his language *thank you Varun..yours is the only Tamizh I seem to understand*

    He has fever is it…hope he gets well soon..and why oranges?

  2. Varun is such a cutie pie..their innocence just melts your heart at time, illiya?
    is he OK now? my get well soon wishes..and nariya cchaaukkulates too…

  3. Next time, when I twist and turn and shake my hip like Shakira when the doctor is giving me a shot, I will remember you Varun. Yes, You are a brave, strong boy and we all love you πŸ™‚

  4. @R’s mom: Varun loves oranges. he can have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. So if he is not asking for chocolates, you’ll find him asking oranges:)

    @Swaram: Your Tamizh is awesome? Nimge Tamizh ishtu chendhagi gottha?

    @Uma: He is back to form and off to payshkool..

    @Charu; Kuttan is fine:)

    @Ambulisamma: Hey, long time! I thought you had vaporized!! Howz the little one?

    @Ani: “I lubboo too” says Varun:)

    @Abha: Welcome here Abha! Am honoured!

    @CB: Varun is up and running.. and is more hungry;) Thank you!

    @Rekha: I never thought he’d stay so calm! He is fine now.

    @Tharini: Do you also sing waka waka when the doc comes menacingly at you with the shot;))

    @Sri: Amma maadhiri dhairiyammnu sollen!

    @ALL: Thank you all.. The diagnosis showed he had a mild tonsillitis infection that triggered the fever.. After 7 days of being between ‘warm’ and ‘hot’, he is now cool:))

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