12 thoughts on “Varun goes ‘crafty’”

  1. hahahahahah

    1. Triangle on an ice cream stick = Aeroplane?
    2. Indian flag
    3. Paper bag with his initials on it…he can write V *gasp*
    4. Lady praying to God in the middle surrounded by butterflies and twigs…hehehe 🙂

    Muah Varun

  2. btw today varun stunned us with lego art. I am not good with legos, but rajamma can create all kinds of animals and things with them. i was taking pictures of this dog she had made, and suddenly varun’s little fingers got active and ‘dopaar’ he said, holding up this perfect dog replica…complete with mouth, body, legs and tail. not easy to do.Have the picutres will send it soon.

  3. I’m very bad in guessing…The second one is sure a Indian flag and the third one must be book marks (He he This one I copied from the above comments )
    But very niceeee Varun…Uwmmmah to you 🙂

  4. @RM: LOL! ‘Lady praying’ is the ultimate!!! Good attempt!

    @Abi: You mostly got all right! Indha exam kooda va clear pannanum.. The last one is a tree collage on a flash card:)

    @RC: Varun says thank you Chander!

    @Ani: Madam, all correct:) Craft queen-kku this is jujube no?:)

    @Gargi: Hey Gargi, am eager to see the pics too:) If its coming from you, I know the kutti-paiyyan did something really cool:)

    @Bhargavi: Thank you says Varun:)

    @Rekha: Varun says thank you to this aunty too:)

    @Tharani: You might’ve as well copied all answers;) Paiyyan is really busy:)

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