Here’s to the Birthday girl!

When RM emailed a few weeks ago saying that she was planning a short trip to Chennai and that if time allowed, we could meet up, I was super excited for two reasons- one was meeting the busy bees of the cute R family, two, I was sure she was going to bring the rains all the way from Mumbai to Chennai:) As she was going to be here for about 50 hours or so, we decided to meet up for a brunch at a restaurant that would allow a little quiet time for us. That was when she told me about her plans to meet Ratzz too.. Following my suggestion to combine both the meets, RM wasted no time in getting us both introduced! And the world is a small place after all.. I went on to discover that Ratzz was a close friend of a very close friend of mine! Thanks RM! We were hoping that our plans don’t get jinxed, and waited..

Before I proceed to tell you anything about the little kudumi-sporting bumble-bee, I must tell you about the mother first.. This wonderful lady who has turned 30 today, is a bindaas, beautiful, intelligent woman and her spectacle only adds more glamour to her bubbling-with-enthu personality.. And she is guilty of having led the blogosphere believe otherwise:) And does she say foodie? Can you believe this girl never ordered herself a main course and just nibbled into some parathas? Now you all go and give her a virtual spank, ok?! Her Tamil is super awesome with a strong Palakkad flavour to it.. Though i could not make out a word of Gujju she spoke now and then to R, it seemed like a song- spontaneous!

Another strange thing is that it seemed as if I’d known her all along and none would believe that it was our first meeting and we got on like a house on fire:) She talks like she writes, ekdham free-flow, straight out of the heart.. Energy and Enthu personified- That is RM for you!

Well, little R is what RM says she is, and a little of what she does not say!And that is, she is RM’s daughter ONLY! With two shaving-brush like kudumies, wide bright smile, sparkling mischievous eyes, and chirpy voice, she was the star of the meeting.. And she did not really scare off Varun or anything.. Our man was acting a little pricey, not wanting to share the menu card of all things..

R was the ‘akka’ of the moment and Ratzz insisted that she is called akka and not aunty:) By virtue of her still not being married, we let her retain the akka title… And she looks like an akka alright:) R wanted to know why Vyas-bhaiyya didn’t make it.. She was all complaints about her mommy maaro-fying her on the plane and didn’t give in when pressed for reason:) Like a little kitten, she licked away the tomato sauce and let us field the potato smilies:)

Ratzz is a super cool girl… I’m just getting to know her..We chatted away a little about our common friend and it felt nice! Her job profile is something that RM and I are ready to trade any day at half our current pay! Wat say RM?! Sorry Ratzz, but I have to tell the blogosphere one truth that RM has conveniently left out- your appearance and appetite don’t go together- he he! Poor girl walked up over 2 kms in a sultry weather to meet two mommies with two tiny tots in tow.. Am surprised that she was still the same sane person after all that mayhem the other 4 contributed:)

The little ones held their fort very well till we stepped into the car.. The weather, sleep and a small traffic jam did what it does to little kids.. They were restless the last 10 mins though the mommies and older akka can vouch that we didn’t have enough of each other! Ratzz I think officially endorsed her decision to stay away from a wedLOCK!

Varun wants to read only the ‘Bubbles’ book which R akka gave and he can recite that in sleep in his broken English and Tamil translation. Vyas anna finished reading the book that RM got for him in 1.5- 2 hrs flat! His dad looked from his face to book and then back to his face and asked him if he read some news!! By the way, he caught up with R aunty and phone and he is not letting me in on their ‘plan’ .. well..

RD, like the dutiful-doting hubby, true to every word RM writes about him, religiously dropped her, said a Hi, and took leave, only to come back two hours later to pick up the two important women of his life!

Wish you a very very Happy Birthday RM! Keep rocking!
The two working hard:


14 thoughts on “Here’s to the Birthday girl!

  1. what a lovely post! I wished RM on her B’day today. Seems like you guys had a blast at the blogger’s meet. How envious I am now..:-( Hope to meet you Vidya, the next time am at Chennai.

  2. it’s nice to meet blog friends in person. good to hear you had a nice time. most of the people who comment on my blog are friends i know in real life, so no much chance of meeting others. though i did attend a couple of tweet meets here when i was on twitter and that was ages ago.

  3. wow am going all J abt this meet..

    happy bday RM.. you are a wonderful lady and Vidya you are a super wonderful lady to make RM’s day with this sweet post..

    • @Smitha: She is super!

      @Uma: It was fun! Yes, we meet.. Do let me know when you are here:0

      @R’s mom: Resisted all the urge to put up your pic:))

      @Shruti: Sob, sob! only RM gets the invite:| positively jealous.

      @Rekha: Hoping to meet you the next time you are around. Or invite me there;)

      @Ani: 🙂 🙂 come over no!

      @Tharani: Sorry dear girl! Did not know your work place was close! Surely the next time:)

      • Vidya, sure, you’re welcome anytime… to Muscat or to Kerala … though my chances of coming to Chennai in the near future is remote. sadly, your city doesn’t agree with me 😦

  4. Hi Vidya,
    Came here from RM’sspace. You write lovely. I’ve been pestering RM to come to Blore next! 😀

    I have a 20 month old boy and am amazed at the energy levels. How do you manage 2 of them?!

    • @RS: Thanks for dropping by RS! I gave up long back on managing the two:)

      @Ratzz: Waiting, waiting!

      @Swaram: Get RM to host a special party in Mumbai. We both will go!!

      @Ashwathy: Hey Ashwathy! Nice to see you here:)

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