*Bildhin Bauch

A lego dog assembled by Varun at his play school- complete with mouth, ears and tail:) His teacher emailed me this pic!

PS: * – Building Blocks!


16 thoughts on “*Bildhin Bauch

  1. @SAB: Sabaash…you are getting better at decoding baby language..lets see you try that with R now πŸ˜‰

    @Vidya: What school is this yaar….superb that the teacher actually emails you photos..sahi hai!

    Yay to more blocks and buildings πŸ™‚

  2. wow on Varun’s lego dog.. now on the title for a split second I was wondering what language is this till I read PS… just by looking at the pic I thought may be Baush is a french/german/greek or latin word for dog and was about to google.. luckily read the PS before squeezing my brain..

    • @Uma: varun hugs back:)

      @Abi: You are a pro at cracking any test! this is jujubee!! ha ha ha (read only like rajni ok?)

      @RM: Its a small, but awesome playschool close to our house.. The teacher/founder is an awesome lady!

      @Appy: long time! the teacher/founder as mentioned above, is an enterprising woman..

      @Ani: I wish I hadn’t put that PS (evil grin)! It wud have been fun to let you do a little scratching!

      @A’s mom: thank you!

      @Charu: yeah, wow!

    • @Smita: Yep, really nice of the teacher:)

      @Scribby: Thanks Scribby. Welcome here:)

      @Uma: and is also the cheekiest brat:)

      @Thakkudu: Ho, thank you so much!! Nice of you to drop by:)

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