Bommai Golu /Kolu2011

Surprise, surprise! No bommai-casualty recorded this year too!! I did not expect Varun to exercise so much caution.. Barring few instances where he would come dangerously close to the assembled gods paddling fast on his tri-cycle, giving me heart-attack moments:)

Some pics from this year’s arrangement:

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PS: The rangoli on the brown base was done using a rangoli-sieve, the reason for perfect symmetry:) The red-base in the others is a red plastic tea-tray.


28 thoughts on “Bommai Golu /Kolu2011

  1. OMG Vidya! what a superb golu..when I was a kid, I would feel bad that we did not have a ‘golu paramparai’ and would request for one from my working mother. But now, when I actually understand the effort that goes behind it, am secretly thankful that my in-laws too don’t have the tradition. Having said that am always in awe and admiration for people who make the effort to celebrate the festival in the ‘right’ manner. Congrats! and happy Dasera!

    • Uma, it is a lot of effort, but fun too with lots of people visiting and you visiting the other golus etc.. i like the socializing aspect of this fest:)

  2. Where are your feet? kidhar hai…baap rey…you actually had that Golu in your house for a whole of 10 days…actually where are Varun’s feet…he didnt do anything to this? mahan hai woh…I am so tempted to come all the way to Chennai and change at least something there πŸ˜‰

    Hugs hugs hugs πŸ™‚

  3. Day before yesterday had gone to a frenz place to check out her arrngmts. I love this tradition of yours and what a beautiful arrangement u have made!!!

    Loved it!!!

    And ur rangoli is so good, last year I had tried the same with a sieve and still managed to make it badly πŸ˜€

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