On the skewed girl-boy ratio

What do you think about the government proposal to lift the ban on sex determination in India? The Planning commission has put forward the suggestion of adopting female foetuses.. While I appreciate the intent of such a proposal, I’m skeptical about such a move and the kind of bandwidth the government has to implement the scheme… I don’t see how the people who resort to female foeticide will refrain from doing so because of ‘incentives’.. Or will they? With early termination being non-intrusive and easy these days, relaxing the ban will only make it easier for such people.. If the incentives aren’t executed rightly, life will be one hell for the mother and daughter..

That said, isn’t it sad that someone else has to shoulder the moral responsibility for the upbringing of a child just because it happens to be a girl?! Why not introduce a proposal to make the parents pay an additional annual tax to the government if the baby happens to be a boy? Time for some reverse engineering or, shall we call it a shock treatment?!


4 thoughts on “On the skewed girl-boy ratio

  1. All this while, it was just that the system of ostracizing female children has been prevalent. And that is precisely the reason why the rule of not-determining-the-sex-prior-to-birth came into being. With this proposal, it means that the Govt. ‘approves-on-paper’ of the fact that it is okay and pardonable to banish the girl child??!!

    This is such a disturbing atrocious approach! 😦 It might intend to save the girl children but it surely will not better the general attitude towards the female species!

  2. 1) This “provision” could be easily misused: girls could be married off really young and forced to have babies after babies just for the incentives – if it’s a boy, they keep it. If it’s a girl, they get incentives.

    2) But on the other hand, the female babies will get a chance, no? I saw a very disturbing video made on female foeticide world over recorded by a UN worker and the lady showed a place and said “this is where i buried them. eight children”. I keep wondering if there was something that would have saved them(oh yes. the mentality that girls are “expensive” to raise because of the dowry factor has to change. but that doesn’t seem to be coming!).

    3) In last month’s aval vikatan, there were interviews of females who were narrowly saved from being killed at birth and are independent young women today. I wish such news got more attention. But if theres one thing thats clear, intervention by social workers/govt. helps a great deal. TN districts like Dharmapuri, Theni with horrible sex ratios now have decent ones thanks to them!

    • Oh yaa SAB..thats so true…the first point you made….this provision will definitely be misused…keep having kids..girl = incentive..boy = well boy you dont need anything for that!

      and I have one Q when I read about such stuff…I mean how will sex determination help..it doesnt help to know in advance if your child is a girl or boy..either which ways you cant change the sex of the baby inside your tummy na! and Vidya! your last two lines are pretty scary uh!

      • S&S: Yes, sounds more like ‘the operation was successful, but the patient died’ kind of situation…

        Abi: Abi, I think there must be more awareness campaigns and forceful punishments for the guilty….. With easy access to across-the-counter drugs for termination, sex determination early-on will make it easier to thwart the progress of pregnancy.. And the ones that really get a chance will always be shrouded in pity and will probably grow-up listening to tales of how forgiving the society has been to them! Our people love freebies.. starting from rice to gas connection to free settlements.. this is for those who have a pair of fully functional hands and a pair of healthy legs! yes, now we’ll grab this freebie also and make more babies..

        RM: Yes, how does it matter? The incentives can still be meted out if its a girl baby.. lets see how things progress.. after all, that is one thing we are adept at.

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