A bird collage

Pictures of the one we (Vyas and I) did recently for his school activity.. Amma did the basic drawing. He had to use items used in cooking. So, we used coriander and cumin seeds, fine broken wheat for the body, toor dhal for feet, pepper for the eye and the title (Vyas’s idea:)), and chappathi dough for the outline, claws, and beak.

Drawing inspired by the above pic in Varun’s Big Book of Birds:) – A copy cat, yes!

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

15 thoughts on “A bird collage”

  1. @RM: 🙂 Varun also insisted on helping us and it took us twice the time to complete because of him:) And yep, you firssssht!

    @summerscript: Hey, thank you:)

    @AK: Thankoo boss!

    @Aryan’s mom: ok ok, will hoard all the nice things you say:) thank you!

    @Arthi: Hey, thanks Arthi! How art thou?!

    @TPL: Do I know you?!! Oh yeah, you are that kurinji flower right?!:))

    @Ani: Oi mother of crafts, thank you:)

    @Swar: ok! wow!

    @Uma: hmpf!! only the boy gets all the credit:| jus kidding!

    @Tharani: nandri nandri!

  2. you called me mother of crafts? am flying in spite of that not being true.. there are mother of mothers around and you called me mother of crafts… ungalukku romba romba nalla manasu Vidya 🙂

  3. Please keep all of it safe until the two outgrow it. i’d like to borrow them for my kids 😐 there’s no way i’d be able to do something like that 😐

    you three rock!

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