Its already Diwali-2011?!!

Its pouring in Chennai and the weather is lovely!

Vyas is happy because people will not be able to burst crackers:) Varun is neither here nor there.. He tried lighting a few sparklers and he did! But jumps out of his skin every time he hears an atom bomb explode some 100 miles away!

Here are the cards Varun made for his ‘payshkool’ teacher and her two assistants wishing them a happy Diwali. He held it out and told all and sundry that he did that himself. Which is true by the way. I helped cut a straw for the stalk, poured few drops of poster colours in a bowl he picked, gave him the white cards (that i use to make flash cards) and few bits of pencil shavings.. He made impressions of his thumb wherever I pointed, glued the other bits himself.. He seemed to enjoy doing it.. Must spend more craftsy-time with him… (that’s a note for myself:))

1.The pink flowers in two cards are finger paints. His thumb finger:)
2.One card has leaves made of green scrap paper and the other is made using straw.
3.The other flower petals are pencil shavings..
4.A coloured sequin is stuck in the center.


Submitting this entry for Shruti’s contest this month after a looooooooonnnnng time!


Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

12 thoughts on “Its already Diwali-2011?!!”

  1. Have been meaning to comment here since the time I read the post..sigh! better late than never..
    A very belated Diwali wishes to the V family..see, I wished at least before karthikai..:-)
    super arty kudumbamma irrukeenga..
    I need to get some creative bones in my body..

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