*Chinna thambi, periya thambi!

The topic of discussion in Vyas’s GKLT (general knowledge & lateral thinking) hour in school was whether the new Anna Centenary library really needed a relocation. The class was divided.. It seems that few classmates thought Chennai needed more hospitals and that health was more important:) But our fellow thinks education is equally important and the majority vote went for retaining the library.. They literally took a poll by dropping their votes on chits into a drop-box in his class:) I was curious and asked him what was wrong in moving the library closer to the others and converting the existing premises to a hospital. Well, he thinks its a crazy idea to do 2 changes.. Why can’t they build more hospitals in other places? Why disturb the new library? he asks.. So what do you all think? On reading the news, my reaction was like Bhargavi’s..


The other 3 Vs dropped me at office on a Saturday because our team was working on a release.. Vyas has already seen our new office premises and likes my floor than the dad’s:) It was the first time for Varun.. Now, i must mention that the interiors are one of the best with different themes for each floor.. And our company occupying the top 4 floors makes it even more.. ummm.. classy… The moment we entered my floor from the lift lobby, Varun went ‘waaaaaaaooooowww.. sooooopeer’, and then exclaimed, “amma, *yaerkutttingaaa”.. walked a little further crossing 2 more bays and went, ” haiii.. innoru yaerkuttting…*eullo pericha”!

If the interior designer had been around, he would have cringed and would probably give up designing:)

The swivel chairs, glass panels, plenty of bright colors and natural light, led to the little man thinking that it was a saloon- Unisex of course, because maa works there!!!
*chinna thambi, periya thambi – big brother, small brother
*yaerkuttting – hair-cut(ting)
*eullo pericha – this big?!


13 thoughts on “*Chinna thambi, periya thambi!

  1. I am very impressed with Vyas’s independent thinking. Already, he has an opinion of his own on such grave issues..wow! hats off!
    Varun is a darling..he soooo cute..:-)

    • @Jo- But that was at 8.00 am midnight;)

      @RM: yeah, important. as long as our man is not asked to study;)

      @AK: Next time.. or u r just a ride away:)

      @Titaxy: I squeezed him ok?:) happy to see you here after a long time!

      @Ani: the fellow somehow says right things.. lets see how the execution is:)

      @Pepper: Wow! look who is here! nice seeing you here:) and these days, i think of a saloon the moment i step into the office:) and also think of varun!

      @Comfy: I’m calling him the ‘logic-man’ these days..

      @Uma: the guy talks big about big-things;) paappom when he grows up:)

      @Bhargavi: First cut is free- but it will only be zig-zag:)) yaay to the stay! Vyas thinks its because of his class poll!

      @Charu: he thinks he’z got a hang of the eng. lang. either he ends words bluntly, or ‘ing’s it:)

  2. Brilliant.. yaercutting .. soooperaapu thats the true observation.please respect it.. the designer must be told of the feedback.
    I side with V on the library.. The library is in the university campus. What better place can it be? Next to anna samadhi?? seriously Mummy is overdoing it.

  3. Ha ha Varun! Loveeeely interpretation of the decor πŸ˜‰ Plss pass on my hugs to him!

    And Vyas – wow! He is rt! Amazing line of thought – y make 2 changes!

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