Chinna Durai (or Little Peter)

Varun’s English for snake: paamb

When he wants to say he does not want milk: I want milk vaendam

His response to my random instructions/requests in English: ummm…, ok!, or simply responds by nodding his head.

I sing to him: Its raining, its pouring, the old man is snoring…

Varun: no. appi padakudadhu. “iss raening, iss poning, the ol man is noning”.. appi padanum

I pick up the scissors to cut open the milk pack.

Varun: Adhe thodaadhe. iss dangerous..


Like his anna, he thinks English is all about crisp ending to sounds. As in ‘paamb’

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

14 thoughts on “Chinna Durai (or Little Peter)”

  1. Varun….you are so cute…I will definitely gobble you up the next time I meet you…

    Errr…scissors is dangerous na…even R tells me when I touch the knife..’Amma, touch pana kudade issko, hand blood hoyega!’

  2. your kutti vaandu has a fan base in my house. vijesh and godzilla who wouldnt bother to hear anything from my blogworld are all ears for Varun’s tales!

    sigh. big sigh. if i were two, i would have a crush on him.

  3. Paamb – rofl!
    And he can say dangerous!!!! Does he have any favorite words yet? My 4 yo niece was obsessed with “disgusting”. She would use it for just about everything.

  4. ol man is noning..hahahaha..amma..pls sing like this next time, OK???
    and rofl at “paamb”
    Varun is super cute re..mast entertainment..:-)

    1. @RM: The two think and act alike na?!

      @ Swaram:He is willing to take your muahs and returns with plenty too:)

      @ Ajcl: chakkarais indeed :))

      @Smita: he hugs back:)

      @Tharani: i know! you have many reasons to smile gal!

      @Abi/Ponni: Yei, am resisting hard to post the response i want to.. am awaiting your POST!

      @Ani: ya ya.. now i know how to sing.!

      @TPL: His favs are seasonal.. For now, he is stuck to ‘dangerous’. mammu dangerous, pencil dangerous, rubber-bands dangerous..

      @Bhargavi: His latest inspiration for Tanglish is ‘kolaveri’! sigh!!

      @Swati: ya, all kids are!

      @Uma: non-stop wonly he is!!!

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