The new roti-chef..

Ahem.. The little Master Chef, Varun, in action… Helping amma.. Comfortably seated on the counter top:)

Reporting me for child-labour anyone?!!

And sorry about the poor resolution– blame it on my stone-age mobile….


11 thoughts on “The new roti-chef..

  1. Awesome…thats amazing…

    Comfy: Does Buzz make a mess…errr..dont you when you make dont you dare say anything to the little one

    Varun: super proud man..we will have a roti party where you and R can do the rolling out while Amma and I sit back and enjoy

    • @Comfy: And is Varun doing a neat job? saw all that mess there.. I’m equally bad:) as long as people offer to do, i have no probs:) even if it is from a 2 yr old;)

      @RM: Arre yaar.. am already visualizing that day! total bliss to just sit back and let the products of our womb take over..

      @Abi: he kept doing pleesh to put it on the tava by himself too..

      @Uma: Will be glad to have another helping hand;)

      @My era: champ hugs back:)

      @Rekha: yes, but of work for amma after that..

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