Why this..??

I had barely set foot into the house last Wednesday when Varun, instead of welcoming me with a bear-hug, stood by door, giving me a naughty look. And mouthed “vai kolaveri kolaveri ..” !!

Why this kolaveri really?!!

Happy weekend folks!


10 thoughts on “Why this..??

  1. OK I might come out sounding dumb, but can someone explain what the big deal is and what am I missing here? I see this all over FB and various blogs and I don’t know what I am listening 😐


  2. Hahahahha! comfy same here…but I didnt hear the song…I still need to do that after I go home..today I have read three blogposts with the same Kolaveri thing…HAVE to hear this song 🙂

  3. well..i simply coudn’t take the craze around this song all over the net, so heard it…but but…I don’t get it? Is the hype over why there is such a song? or why Dhanush sang it?? y oh y? Vidya, pls enlighten!

    • Ye all!

      I think the simple tune that any of us can do by just tapping a table, has made it popular. whatever! Varun likes it and there’s a 1000 watts bulb glowing on his face.. Just 2 mins of it on a news channel is all that he saw and has been humming it since:))

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