Monkeys love Mundhiri Paruppu

A distant cousin of my two little brats inhabits the compound next to ours.. Its a vast, empty compound, an unused, neglected government property now home to that grey monkey and a couple of kingfishers, red-billed wood-peckers (wukeppar like varun would call it), plenty of squirrels, cuckoos, crows, pigeons, crows and few other birds..

Our neighbour K was drying clothes when our friend, the monkey (Mr.M), quietly sneaked into the house through the balcony just two

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feet away from where she was drying the clothes… When she stepped into the house, she was too shocked to react and Mr.M was giving her that ‘look’. Right into her eyes! To her left was her 5 year old daughter and Mr.M was in front of her, on the dining table, feasting on the carrots and tomatoes.. After he was content squashing two tomatoes into pulp, he turned to the bananas which he hadn’t noticed till then.. He promptly peeled both the bananas on the table and finished them neatly:) But no, this was not enough.. He was keen on making most of his entry into the house..

His next jump was to another steel carton on the same table, which had the lid on.. He show-cased his expertise of opening the big container and was mighty pleased to find ‘bhoondhi laddu’ (gunja laadoo) in a dabba. Attempts by the watchman and another neighbour to shoo-off Mr.M was met with an angry chatter.. Everyone had to withdraw into another room and let Mr.M have his way.. After tossing and turning all the containers on the dining table, his next hop was to the kitchen..

He did not bother to touch anything on the stove or on the counter top, but wanted to clearly check-out the jars on the shelves.. After a careful examination, he neatly picked a jar containing whole cashew nuts and marched out neatly and hopped back to the tree. After settling his butt comfortably on a branch, he turned open the lid and popped the cashews into his mouth one by one till he emptied the entire jar and dropped it! Poor K had no choice but to simply look on through the grill-door and wonder if it would have been any better if she had made mundhiri cake or mundhiri pakkoda out of those cashews that she had so carefully stocked for Diwali!

Findings of K’s 5 yr old daughter and my 2.9 yr old son: Monkeys love mundhiri paruppu!
My worry: Would Mr.M suffer from constipation because of 300 gms of cashews at one go?!

* Mundhiri paruppu: Cashew nuts


17 thoughts on “Monkeys love Mundhiri Paruppu

  1. hahahahaha….such an adorably naughty Monkey!!! I know I wouldn’t have said this had my house been raided!! But what to do I loved the way you narrated the incident & felt the monkey was cute 😀

    Psst loved the opening line of the post 😀

  2. hahahahah!

    okie I shouldnt be laughing..its scary okie…totally scary…I have a life time problem with monkeys after one grabbed away my dhudhu bottle from my hand when I was 2.5 (My mom was happpy about it, is something we will not dwell on)

    My friend in Gurgaon tells me about a day when his wife and 2 year old daughter had to lock themselves in the bathroom for 3 hours while a bunch of monkeys came and created havoc in the house..despite calling people and screaming, no one came to their rescue because the monkeys are ferocious! the kiddo is super scared even if you mention the name monkey! and my friend’s wife spent 5 hours cleaning her house which was practically destroyed by the monkeys

    and of course monkeys like cashew nuts..forget the monkey..I love cashew nuts can you please ask your neighbour to save some for me next time I come to Madras 🙂

      • Errr..I thought everyone in the blog world knew that…RM = R’s Mom = Monkey’s mom = Monkey

        GAh! and I suck in lets not do the A=B=C wala funda…tension hota hai read karke!

      • RM, you might want to settle some scores with Smitha, he he! tension mat lena:) Btw, your friend’s experience sounds very scary!

        Smita: Must say it was quick. And cool *running away*!

  3. When I read the title, I was all praise for the metaphor, as I can never keep stock of the nut in my house, thanks to the 2 little and 1 not so little monkeys in the house. Very funny piece KT. Hope it does not take a dangerous turn and folks in the neighborhood take care of this primate issue soon, they are certainly not to be ignored as a regular old mate:) With the added boost of potassium and protein he/she is sure to return!

    • @Uma: i don’t know what i’d have done!

      @Ani: the monkey will never find it b’cos MIL hides the jars in the most inconceivable places!

      @artihc: you must learn some hiding tricks from my MIL.. the monkeys here haven’t been successful cracking the nuts puzzle:) and yes, authorities have been alerted.

  4. @ashok: :))

    @swar: the mil treasures tupperwares too in her godrej storewell along with cashews!

    @garima: hey, i’ve seen that movie! and yeah, 300 gms in 10 minutes is no joke!! dunno how the fellow is doing!

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