Now or never?

This blog is becoming a chronicle of the little V only, so much for his growing up!

Went to a christmas/New-year party at his ‘payshkool’ y’day. The teacher and her assistants greeted everyone with their Santa-cap and had one ready for the kids too.. Most kids wore the hats happily. But not our man-of-moods. We gave up after a little persuasion. Varun entered another room where the food was arranged on two tables.. He saw the juice cans and wanted to take one right then.

Me: Its only for the kids who wear the cap.

Varun: Ok. (And let us place the cap on his head and rushed back to the room to pick his juice)

Me: Nooo.. not now.. A little later, after everyone comes.. There’s going to be a party (amma’s efforts at educating him on party ‘ethics’ :))

Varun: Juice vaendaam (promptly removed his cap, declaring he did not want the juice!)

His latest ‘petering’

Pointing at the picture of a crow in a story book, he corrected me calling a crow a crow and said: “Amma, No. That’s *kakkas”

*Tamil for crows

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

20 thoughts on “Now or never?”

  1. WHAT no juice for our little kutty Santa *Hmpf*

    Infact even R doesnt like anything on her head…waise her problem is ‘my kudumis will get spoilt’ nautanki gah!

    and LOL on the kakkas..what RD would not do to get his daughter speak Tamil like Varun πŸ™‚

  2. Strange how we can convert Tamil to English with a nip here and a tuck there to tamil words… Kakkas.. Thooths.. Kalakks. Alps.. dubaaks.. .
    btw.. dont ask me how the last few words are tamil… they are..

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