Just a week to go…

… and am already retrospecting..

Its another year that has taught me many a lessons.. Most are the same old lessons, but the scope and definition of certain words and phrases undergo a whole lot of changes.. I never learn!! What follows is a mix and a rant of the lessons I failed to learn, few that I got right, and the ones I’ll be working on, the coming year. So, you are warned. Read it at the risk of having a slightly bitter after-taste..

Lesson 1: Not to take ‘anyone’ for granted

No brainer. Very simple. But this seems to be a lesson in progress. Like parenting. The scope of ‘anyone’ keeps evolving. Apparently, I have been excluding some people from ‘anyone’. Which is wrong, right? Hoping to get better the coming year. But there is this creepy feeling inside that tells me I’ll never learn it fully:)

Lesson 2: Not to let ‘anyone’ take me for granted

Simpler. Tougher. Enough said. A steeper cliff this one is. Otherwise, why would I feel stupid or cheated or at times even left out?

Lesson 3: Not to preach to children what you partially believe in

This, thankfully is a lot easier. All I need to do is shut my trap and hold my tongue when my other personality tells me to get into a ‘sermon’ mode. I must learn to enable an ‘auto-off’. An example sermon – respect the elders. Which by it-self is fine. By which I mean – show care, love, help. not necessarily ‘obey’. And ‘questioning’ is not dis-respect.

Lesson 4: To discard baggage

I hate carrying a baggage.. I feel burdened.. I’ve often felt confused between judging and bad-mouthing and ‘un-burdening’.. Yes, am slightly cracked to put three different things together and even find that confusing.. But that is exactly how this retrospection started.. Something I’ve managed to do well in 2011.. Hope to do better in 2012.. I like the purged feeling at the end of it..

Lesson 5: To think more clearly

How? I don’t know.. Opportunities seem to keep presenting themselves. I will try not to get over-analytical… Ummmm… perhaps I mean to follow my gut-feeling.. Because I have found that too much analysis leads me back to the point where I started.. Like Ferdinand Magellan. But he proved a point.

Lesson 6: To forgive and to let go..

I know I sound like a saint or one of those new-age gurus.. But its something where I think I have done well too.. Many times, I have visualized gathering myself up and dusting off the dirt from my hands and feel clean all-over again..

Lesson 7: Not to redirect my anger on the kids

I’ll never learn! Which is okay.. My boys understand.. Vyas understands.. He lets me yell or yank.. And comes back to me and resumes from where we left, leaving out the bitter parts. Something that I must learn from him. Varun is beginning to understand.. One look at my face and he says “Amma, kovam vendam maa”. The ice, the lump, the heat, the wrath melts right there. While my children let me be, it would be unfair to take them for granted. So, back to lesson 1.

There are many more. But let me not get too ambitious. No particular reason to do this post now.. Every day is a new day ushering in a new year of hope and promises. Just that I think its a good time to take stock and feel blessed for all the wonderful people and things my Santa brought in, in the last 12 months, and make a conscious list of things that could have been better and make an effort to turn those things around..

I have indeed been fortunate to have my share of fun, joy, sorrow, fights, make-ups, cuddles, kisses, warmth, sunshine, rains, clouds, praises, ridicules, losses, gains, highs, plains, and lows.. all in good proportions.. Looking forward to another year where I hope ‘age’ and ‘wisdom’ meet. And find that ‘inner-peace’! Whatever that means!

Wish you all a happy journey ahead.. May your Santa bring loads of bliss, peace, and prosperity.. Merry Christmas!


22 thoughts on “Just a week to go…

  1. WHAT! who took away my Vidya from here….who is impersonating her and writing so much gyan…but on a serious note, I think its true…not taking for granted, let go, dont show your anger on the kids (gosh I have started doing that so often)

    Thats a lovely round of the year’s learnings..but seriously can we just have Vyas and Varun back on the blog πŸ™‚

    Hugs and get that Santa to give blue jeans to my hero will ya?

  2. Although I kept nodding at every lesson, lesson 6 takes the cake for me. I can never forgive leave alone forget! 😦 I hope I make some progress in this regard.

    Wishing the entire V household a happy holiday season! πŸ˜€

  3. I was nodding my head for almost all the points..
    # 1 – I can say I have succeeded in it but making an constant effort..
    # 2 – Work in progress for lifetime.. 😦
    # 3 – I would say 50/50..
    # 4 – again 50/50
    # 6 – tough Vidya.. very tough..
    # 7 – I am going downward on this 😦 can you believe I made the little one pout and cry two times in last 2 weeks though she was clean..) flock me right away I say..

    wishing the kalakkal V kudumbam a super duper new year..

  4. Wow! Vidya, Lovely post… And so true on each one of them. After reading this I realised that I never even figured them all out – kept doing what I shouldnt be doing! These should probably be my next year resolutions πŸ™‚

    And thanks for dropping by at my space πŸ™‚ Keep visiting…

  5. Liked this post much.Lesson 6 and 7 could be something where i need to potentially learn,rest seems to be ok atleast now.Little one used to tell me ‘Amma,pls enna thitadha maa’ how can i repeat yelling after these words.So lesson 7 am learning from the daughter.
    Wishing you a very happy new year.

  6. ah. the thoughts the new year brings. in my case though, i get too tired anticipating and then celebrating my b’day that any time for introspection is used up stuffing my face with left over cake 😐

    and kids sense everything! especially anger, irritability, etc no? “To discard baggage” – sigh. If I could only learn that in the new year, that will be tremendous achievement!

    good luck with the list for the new year!

  7. I am a poor learner too, though life teaches me so many lessons. Just hoping to be a good student at least this new year ..
    Wishing you all best things in life this year Vidya πŸ™‚

    • Oye, you shouldn’t be worrying about being a good student and all that now.. at least not in 2012;) wish you and your partner and everyone in your family a happy 2012!

  8. Came here from Bhargavi’s blog and read a couple of your posts.. It was fun reading about Little V and I am sure when he grows, he will be delighted to read these little stories about himself. This retrospection list is surely a great one..Hope the new year is treating you well.. Belatednew year wishes! Cheers

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