Where does this road lead to?

Following kolaveri, Varun has moved to yet another ‘mokka piece’ (borrowed vocabulary, so pls excuse) by Danush.. The song embed is at the end of this post..

Varun: amma, avan yen maa appidi cholraan? (ma, why is he saying that?)

Me: Eppadi? Yaaru? (who?)

Varun: andha anna onnun therille cholraan? (that anna says he can’t see?)

Me: Ummm.. avanukku kannu theriyalle. paavam. adhaan. (he’s blind. sad. that is why!)

Varun: Yen therille? (why?)

Me to myself: Vidya, wrong route.. take diversion.


Me to Varun: auto-man, will you take me to Mylapore?


The anna on the other had, has invested some ‘cricket-coaching’ time in learning to sing the song with a tweak to a line like this:


Free-a irukkum bodhu ‘dash-u’ illaye
Pidicha-‘dash-u’ ippo freeya illaye..

Me: What ‘dash-u’ da?

Vyas: Amma, it seems that it is a bad word..

Me: Oh! Who told you?

Vyas: XYZ of 5th std. He comes for the cricket coaching.

The dad religiously wakes up at 5.20 AM, makes bournvita, gets his son ready and drops him for the coaching class at 5.50 AM. Sonny is showing tremendous signs of learning. Like the one above!!

Here is the source of inspiration if you haven’t heard it already:

Author: Vidya

Positive, and positively talkative!

22 thoughts on “Where does this road lead to?”

  1. and Vidya is back! with her darlings..

    Varun is so funny…how does he understand the words so well yaar!

    and Vyas..what such learning is also important in life…Cricket ka learning toh hota rahega…Way to go Vyas πŸ˜‰

    5.50!!! this guy is really dedicated eh? and me first!!!

    1. Yeah agree that such learning is important πŸ˜‰ The song is more like he is speaking.. So I guess he is able to understand in bits though not the context!

  2. Clever you ,you fooled varun…. πŸ™‚
    Dint understand Vyas’s antic 😦 hats of to father son duo for getting up so early !!!

    1. the ‘dash-u’ needs to be replaced with ‘figure-u’, a vulgar slang to refer to girls with a good ‘figure’!! that is how it is in the song!

  3. u seriously didn’t know about the word dash-u before you heard it from Vyas? Or chumma pottu vangineengala? I do it to Adi sometimes.. when she talks pretend like as if I don’t know and ask what that means… you see we are innocent mom’s right ;)…

    1. C’mon Ani.. I’m oh-so-sheltered from the world that I didn’t know the word earlier πŸ˜‰ Hope you haven’t read my earlier claims to being adept at pottu-vangifying πŸ˜‰

    1. is that so? that explains why every other movie is over-doing the vices πŸ˜‰ ban lift panna sari aagidumo? what irks me is, it is Dhanush and Simbu for my boys of all people!! sigh!

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