A conversation with another parent last evening is the trigger for this post.

Take this poll and tell me if its the mom or the dad who mostly signs the progress report of a child.. And do let me know if there are reasons.. Like, its been a convention that the dad/mom signs, or because your dad signed yours, you want your child’s to be signed by the dad/mom, or the mom/dad signs because she/he is mostly out of station, or its an opportunity for the dad/mom to get involved in the child’s academic progress, etc… And would be nice if you can get your friends to take the poll too 🙂

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  1. While R doesnt HAVE a report card yet, we both attend PTAs whenever possible…otherwise whoever is free…for example if its on a Friday, I dont take leave, its easier for RD to go half day and he goes..or if its on any other weekday, I take halfday and go..when I went to London, R had her first PTA and RD attended it and signed the card..so I think its more of whoever is free nad its been equal between the two of us till now 🙂 Does it matter? because at the end of the day, both the parents need to know the progress of the child na?

  2. for me it was always appa – i couldnt wait to show off to him. for godzilla, it was amma, for the marks he used to get, he never wanted appa to see it, and he was more of amma’s pet – but i remember that the report card was a matter of great excitement to both of them 😐

  3. It will be sometime before R gets a report card but I guess it will be whoever is around to sign, although I suspect it will be me mostly. With me, as both parents were working, it was normally whoever was around. Of course, I’d always preferred appa to sign coz of the “excellent” marks that I’d get. He was more forgiving than amma..:-)

  4. In my case it was appa always.. I don’t remember why though amma used to verify my oral answers and sit with me while studying for the exam but for Adi its me always.. As I check her folder everyday and sign her homework sheets I sign her report card too.. M just gets a glimpse of it.. After sharing the responsibility with M for two days we decided its better for me to have control on her studies.. He doesn’t care about the mistakes or perfection in letters or numbers “you know that tiny line protruding beyond the marked line” where as my eyes search for mistakes and perfection ..”

  5. For me it depends on situation,when the mark are up on the scale am withing first 5 it will be amma,if am keeping low then it is appa,he is a no problem man,will sign for whatever we score,not one time he questioned us.For samhitha no formal report card or signing back yet.For PTM i went since DD was not around,when they have a cumulative progress report on her development,DD went and collected it as we both were in India.
    If at all she gets a formal card,i think we both will discuss and think about any action plan if it is required.

    1. @All: Thank you. In a casual discussion with a parent following report-card collection at school, I was told that only dads sign the report card and that is the convention, unless the dad is not available.. It irked me to think of it as a ‘convention’ or the usual practice.. It probably was because the father’s were mostly involved in the academic life of a child.. It was so in my case but I remember my mom signing mostly during our primary schooling (and her signature was so easy to forge :-)) and then my dad because only he was around.. Nowadays, both, the dad and mom involve at different levels based on the need.. attend PTAs (mostly the moms), Some even sit back and don’t get into it at all and one of them sign as a formality which is all fine. So I wanted to tell the parent that such a ‘convention’ is only in the mind and is narrow.. Whoever is available at that moment, signs. Like some of you said, the child seeks a parent who is more forgiving..

      1. I didn’t even know it was an issue ! When I was young, my dad signed my report card, but it never struck me as a gender thing.

        My daughter’s school does not send report card home, and the parent signs it at the PTA. Since I am the hyper parent that attends PTA, I get to signing my daughter’s card. Actually, even if they did send teh card home, I suspect I would be the one to sign.

        No specific reason though…

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