This post is long due..

Our annual ‘magalir-mattum’ trip last May was to Poovar. We had booked the Poovar Island Resort (Club Mahindra) and it was worth every penny.. The stay, the ambiance and the food was excellent! Most of our time was spent soaking in the pool and hogging the food like starved pigs:) The resort provides a back-water cruise and there is access to the beach.. Poovar is for people whose idea of a perfect holiday is plenty of food, sleep, pool and books:) Floating cottages are not provided for folks with small kids.. So we had to opt for land cottages which were equally great!

We made the most of our stay at the resort and also visited the Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary.. Again, the lake is worth a visit, but the sanctuary is a big disappointment.. You’ll find close to half-a-dozen lions, all malnutrition-ed, and its highly likely that you’ll mistake them for huge dogs.. And all the lion/lionesses wear a very bored look and they look far from wild:) Another part of the sanctuary is marked for crocodiles.. Again, its a tiny fraction of our very own croc-park in Chennai and OMR. The place stinks and you can actually count the crocs!

A few pics from the trip:

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Author: Vidya

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22 thoughts on “Poovar”

  1. Floating cottagesa? sounds like fun..I like my holidays a little packed- so maybe this won’t work for me.. but the pool looks super inviting. Nice pics.

  2. hey vidya, the place looks awesome. why dont u plan something like this with our friends? { first we will plan for circus! athukkey vazhiya kaanum!}

  3. Nice. The magalir maatum is a nice idea. only for us, it never takes off. last year, along with colleagues ambitiously planned Amsterdam, then Sri Lanka, then Chiang-Mai and finally Musandam (which is in Oman itself) but didn’t go anywhere… Hoping this year is better on the planning front πŸ™‚

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