Paper Quilling

At the Chennai Book Fair this year, I spent a good five thousand rupees buying books for my brats and also to gift to a few other kids! At the end of the purchase, I figured out that I hadn’t bought a single book for myself! Now, be nice and say what a good mommy I am to endure such changes as putting myself last 🙂 It’s another thing that I got myself a Paper Quilling and a Madhubani Painting kit, something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time! But it does not count, right? The stuff was sitting idle on my shelf, with all the covers intact until the need came! Vyas had to do a greeting card for his mommy as part of his craft class, and his next project is a paper bag!

Here’s what he did with a little help from me.. I helped him roll the strips on the pin and he did the rest.. He insisted on using chamkis which i wasn’t too happy about, but it is his project and he did it the way he wanted it.. He wanted to keep in ‘simple’ not for the aesthetics aspect, but sheer laziness to spend a little extra time on intricate or elaborate designs! Lazy BUM! Still, it turned out nice.. He wouldn’t tell me what he was going to write on the card though.. I’ll get to see only when it is returned after assessment 😐

The pics:

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12 thoughts on “Paper Quilling”

  1. 5K on the book fair – I am so jealous!!! what a lovely way to spend money!!!

    That card looks awesome..errrr…you think sticking chamki is lazy..try doing it yourself Gah!

    1. Not abt the chamkis RM.. On the whole, he wanted to finish it as fast as possible:) I was against chamkis because i thgt it will look gaudy..

  2. You went to the fair ! I couldn’t. Were there a lot of stalls selling english books? A friend who went there told me they were much lesser compared to last year.. i had wanted to go just for Tulika’s stall- i believe they had some offer on.. sigh! next year..The cards are cute.. happy quilling..

    1. It was much like last year’s.. Not many Eng stalls.. Many for kids though.. Visited and got a loot at Tulika… I don’t u/s why Pratham is not getting in here…

  3. I’ve been quilling over 50 years and I’m still learning new things all the time. Your quilling is very nice for a beginner.

    You might try not coiling so tightly so that your coils are a bit more open. This creates a more pleasing pattern. When creating scrolls measure you strip and then count your turns and you’ll have scrolls that are the same size each time.

    You might contact the English Quilling Guild. They are a great resource.

    We have free patterns and resources on our site at

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